Teaching In International Schools In China

Teaching In International Schools In China
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Teaching has remained one of the noblest professions in the world. It is widely acknowledged due to the impact made on the students. Beyond just imparting knowledge to the growing generation, teaching is also a vital part of society. Its many aspects also encompass research and findings that shape how we think, see, and explore the world.

Though seen as a last resort for professionals looking for a source of livelihood, this distinguished profession has much more to bring to the table. It is a profession that requires that interested individuals have great passion and enthusiasm. Aside from that, someone who wants to go into the teaching line must be skilled at the art of transferring their knowledge to others in a simplified, clear, and practical way.

Across the world, education has remained major importance of the government. One such country is actively working to gain the best teachers for their students in china.  A lot of attention is placed on acquiring formal education for the citizens, especially the young ones. With this, the educational session has been a significant focus for the government, thereby recognizing teaching.

As a result of all these, several international schools have been established in China to provide quality and sound education. Teaching in China is one of the prominent professions in the country due to the value which has been given to it. The teaching opportunities in China are not limited to Chinese citizens alone; it provides room for international professionals to add value to the country’s educational sector. The only criteria are that such an individual must perform effectively with the right motivation and qualification. 

What does teaching in international schools in China look like?

International teaching jobs are appealing in China and can be considered the best teaching option, second only to private school teaching jobs. And this is because of the benefits that are attached to it. Teaching in an international school in China comes with new experiences. One of the uniqueness of international schools in China is that most of these international schools are owned and run as British or North American schools. In teaching in these international schools in China, there are varieties of subjects available to choose from. The requirements for each international school in China differ but having the necessary teaching qualification and the international school curriculum is always of good advantage.

Why you should consider teaching in an international school in china

Teaching jobs in China have many advantages that can be looked into both by the residence of China and non-residence who desire to teach in China. Here are our top points;

Economical benefit

For foreign teachers, one of the factors that are worth considering is the growing economy. The country’s economy has a tremendous impact on the life of those living in her. The economy provides for better living standards and lower living costs.

Global qualification

In a country like China that has a booming economy, education is paramount to them. This is so not just for the sake of the economy but also for global recognition and qualification.  The Chinese also see education and schooling as part of what makes the economy thrive and gives value to them in the worldwide space. These they see as a pathway for more global qualification.

Living situation

Another factor worth considering for teaching in international schools in China is the modern life that has been made available. Those interested in accepting the teaching job are also exposed to the modern infrastructures and gadgets available across the country.

Teaching experience

For foreigners who have taught in an international school in China, it helps create an expanded and improved skill in teaching. You get to add to your communication skills while exploring cultures and standpoints. It will allow you to have a cross-cultural view and work experience, which may be useful in another aspect of your future career. 

How well do international schools in China pay?

Aside from other enticing factors that teaching jobs in international schools provide, it’s worth considering what you get paid for the knowledge you will be passing to others. This might prompt you to ask how well international schools in China pay. How well teachers are paid in international schools is subtly debatable as many things dictate what you get.

Those things that determine how well international schools pay are where the international school you accept the job is situated. For instance, what a well-known school situated in the capital of China will pay for their teachers will be different from what those in other areas will get.

Qualifications and experience in teaching in international school also plays an important role in determining the monthly salary that will be given. That is, experience determines your pay. The pay grade of a ten-year-old teacher will not be the same for a fresh teacher.

Generally, international schools in China pay well, and their salaries can range from $4,000 to $5,000 or more depending on the subject being taught and the tier cities. This amount is still a good monthly take-home for the profession.


If you are considering teaching at an international school in China, it is an awesome idea. Be it that you are a beginner teacher or you are familiar with the international school teaching standard and curriculum, you stand a chance to explore and experience new cultures and teaching skills as you go. This profession will, in turn, give you better exposure while doing what you love, teaching. Don’t be carried away with the wrong misconception that teaching in international schools doesn’t pay well. In China, international schools are among the best schools to look for that pay their teachers well. To get the job offer in any international school, get all the required documents and qualifications that will give you better chances. Take the time to explore the schools available in the city of your choice while also weighing the standard and cost of living in that city.