The Benefits of Dental Treatments

The Benefits of Dental Treatments

Your dental appearance significantly impacts how you look, especially since your smile is among the first things people notice when meeting you. For people with dental issues, either those from birth or those from lifestyle choices, you do not have to carry on being uncomfortable in your own body. There are many dental procedures available to deal with these problems effectively. Dr. Cheng Zhu Fairfield is an expert dentist with vast expertise in dealing with dental issues. More about the treatments he does is discussed further below.

What are Dental Treatments?

Dental treatments include various techniques and tools for dentists to help those dealing with dental problems or those aiming to enhance their appearances. Some of the well-known treatments dentists perform include:


These are specialized removable devices used in place of missing teeth. A complete denture is for patients missing all their teeth, while partial ones are only for when some are missing. These dentures can be comfortable and quite realistic.

Teeth Cleanings

This procedure should be performed at least twice a year. Plaque that accumulates and hardens to tartar is found above and below the gum line. Only a dental professional can effectively get rid of dental plaque. Frequent teeth cleaning will ensure you maintain healthy gums and teeth.

Dental sealants

These are plastic substances put on the surfaces of the back teeth used for chewing to discourage tooth decay. They are typically applied as liquid paint, solidifying to form a protective coating over the teeth.

Root Canal Therapy

Root extractions used to be the go-to method for dealing with damaged teeth. This has been replaced by root canal therapy, which aims to repair badly decayed or infected teeth. This treatment is at about the same pain level as getting a filling.

Tooth Extractions

This is getting rid of a damaged tooth from the bone socket. Your tooth may be removed for reasons like damage so extreme it cannot be dentally restored. Some dentists may remove your teeth in preparation for an orthodontic procedure.

Teeth Whitening

A whiter smile can be achieved through bleaching by your dentist by applying a hydrogen peroxide gel focused on a light source for quick results. Whitening can also be done at home through bleaching products like toothpaste.

Dental Bonding

This method fixes your teeth’s imperfections, enhancing your smile’s look. It fixes decayed teeth, chipped teeth, and cracked teeth. A resin resembling your tooth’s color is placed on the teeth and hardened by a light source. This fixes it on the teeth, enhancing the smile.


This structure completes the gap between missing teeth by being placed in the middle of two dental crowns. They can be supported by implants, your teeth, or both implants and teeth.

Dental Crowns

This dental device is used to place the visible part of a tooth. It aims to restore and strengthen teeth or hold dental bridges in place.

Multiple dental treatments can be used to deal with dental issues. This offers patients options to choose the one they are comfortable with the most. For any dental service inquiries, visit our website, or call our offices in Fairfield, CA.