The Fate Of The Furious – A Fast And Fun Fast And Furious Film

The Fate Of The Furious - A Fast And Fun Fast And Furious Film
The Fate Of The Furious - A Fast And Fun Fast And Furious Film

After Dom and Letitia married and divorced, Brian, Mia and Dom settled into ordinary life and the world-trading franchise, The Fate of the Furious, was on its way to being a massive success. With the entire cast retired, Mia and Dom soon retired as well and the rest of their crew cleared their names and returned to a more traditional life.

They then soon have an unexpected encounter when a woman called Cipher forces Dom to betrayal them all and make them an unwilling family. Now, in order to save the world from Cipher, Dom and his friends have to unite against the evil corporation known as Cipher and stop them from unleashing global chaos.

The Fate of the Furious is directed by F. Gary Gray, who previously worked with the Fast and Furious series and the movie series. The Fate of the Furious also stars Dwayne Johnson as Dom, Michelle Rodriguez as Mia, Jordana Brewster as Letitia, Ludacris as Rico and newcomer Charlize Theron as Cipher. These are just some of the new characters that you’ll come across during your adventure in The Fate of the Furious.

As you enter the film, you’ll immediately notice the similarities to the Wild West style of action. The cast all exude a sense of masculinity with their cowboy hats, leather jackets, guns and high-tops. It’s easy to see why they’re such great additions to the film as they each bring a new level of intensity and charisma to the roles they play. Letitia has some amazing comic moments where she’s seen through the eyes of Dom’s son and she really comes into her own when Dom has to put aside his past in order to protect Letitia’s daughter.

While The Fate of the Furious isn’t as interesting or as dynamic as the original Fast and Furious, it does have its fair share of memorable moments. One of the best scenes involves Dom and his crew driving around in a stolen military truck which is full of Mexican prisoners. During this sequence, Dom has to be pulled back into the action as he’s forced to deal with an injured colleague as well as a hostage situation where he needs to rescue the group while also protecting innocent civilians.

There’s also the introduction of Cipher, played by the great Viola Davis who’s one of the most compelling and convincing villains in recent memory. She’s played by one of Hollywood’s hottest actresses and she comes across as a very tough and confident woman, ready to take on any challenge. In addition, her presence gives the movie a much needed real twist and dimension.

As far as the story goes, The Fate of the Furious manages to do a lot with the premise of a group of women and their pursuit of revenge on a powerful villain who’s threatening to hurt them and their families. While the story is nothing unique, there’s a sense that Dom and his crew are on the verge of becoming complacent and boring which is something that could have been avoided had the film been less predictable.

The cast in The Fate of the Furious is a good match for the direction and stunts in Fargo but The Fate of the Furious is not at the same level as the first film. The plotline is a bit confusing and many of the subplots don’t add anything to the main plot and are quite unnecessary. If you can wait until the end credits roll, it’s possible to miss some important details, especially if you don’t really care for the movie. but the end credits are so short that they’re basically filler.

In the end, The Fate of the Furious isn’t as entertaining as the first Fast and Furious but it still provides a very exciting ride that entertains viewers and keeps them entertained throughout. Overall, it’s a fun film that’s worth your time if you love car chases, explosions and fighting.