The Importance of Water Filters for Your Restaurant Equipment

The Importance of Water Filters for Your Restaurant Equipment

A restaurant is a whole universe that has one aim: satisfying guests so that they keep returning to you. Because of this very reason, the managers do their best in training staff and hiring the best bartenders or chefs. 

They also seek the services of a water treatment company in New York and set up a restaurant entrance vestibule. The former allows them to serve water of better quality. In fact, it’s hardly possible to underestimate the importance of water filters for cafes. 

If you are from a group that considers water filters of no use for a restaurant, this article is for you.

Why a Water Filter System Important for Your Restaurant?

What is water? It’s a living liquid that makes up the majority of our body. Clean, healthy water contributed to humans’ wellbeing – both mental and physical. That’s why people tend to care a lot about the quality of water. 

Now, let’s think about restaurant water usage. We won’t exaggerate if we say that it’s huge. Restaurants use water when cooking, making drinks, washing groceries. Obviously, all this should be done with beneficial, clean water, which hardly runs out of tape. 

Here are some facts in favor of buying water filters for your restaurant:

Health Issues

How many times people get health problems like poisoning or diarrhea, and they have no idea why this happens. The cases are numerous. One thing when this happens at home, another – when an individual blames the restaurant he recently visited. You won’t be able to prove that all your products are fresh and not expired.

Water can contain dozens and even thousands of bacteria. According to a report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, in 2015 alone, around 77 million people were served by more than 18,000 community water systems, which violated a minimum of one SDWA rule. The general number of violations exceeded 80,000 that year. 

On the one hand, it means that the government is supposed to pay closer attention to the water system. On the other hand, we must take responsibility for our health safety. Although we can’t fix the water system, we definitely can’t trust them.

Installing a filtration system allows you to eliminate all the bacteria and dangerous elements from water. This won’t only reduce the risk of health-related problems but also will have a beneficial social effect since you will serve pure water for your customers.

Prolonged Life Service of Restaurant Equipment

Have you known that poor-quality water accelerates the death of your restaurant equipment? Well, technically, they may be up for a repair, which can cost thousands of dollars. Since water filtration systems block scale, mineral deposits, cysts, sediment, and many other contaminants, they don’t enter your equipment. Therefore, your appliances and machines run smoothly. 

An interesting fact is that you may not even utilize the warranty to save on the repair if your water is of poor quality. This is a real case that happens with ice machines.

Better Taste

Which restaurant doesn’t want to provide premium service? Every restaurant aims to increase the added value in order to charge customers more. This is how business works. 

Well, if you are a five-star restaurant with exquisite cuisine, water with bad odor and taste can become the death of you. By the way, the same thing is relevant to ordinary cafes.

Water is basic. It’s like serving bad Americano: people won’t come back, even if you have the best-grilled turkey around the whole of Manhattan. Therefore, filtered water for restaurants is an attribute, determining its reputation and rating.

What Water Filters to Buy

Water filtration systems come in numerous types. However, we will focus today on where you need to install them. A small spoiler: everywhere!

A Filter for Kitchen

Cooking and water are inseparable. Therefore, to ensure that your visitors are healthy and happy, a water filtration system is a must for every tap in the kitchen. We advise you to choose those with a UV lamp as they kill the majority of dangerous bacteria.

A separate filter should be installed for a steam cooker. Why so? Well, water is the basic component there. You hardly want the steam to be contagious. Moreover, filtered water eliminated the risk of voiding the warranty in case the equipment breaks.

A Filter for Bar

Since bars have separate taps, they need to have separate filters. Besides this, you should about one for:

  • An Ice Machine – firstly, the ice will taste better; so will the beverages. Secondly, you won’t threaten your guests’ health with contaminants from the tap.
  • A Coffee Pot – it will eliminate the contaminants and improve the taste of the brewed coffee.

As you can see, restaurants and cafes can’t do without a filtration system. By the way, do you adhere to the effective use of water in restaurants?