Potential Mistakes An Aspirant Should Avoid During The LIC Assistant Exam 2020

Potential Mistakes An Aspirant Should Avoid During The LIC Assistant Exam 2020
Potential Mistakes An Aspirant Should Avoid During The LIC Assistant Exam 2020

The Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) is considered to be one of the most coveted government organizations with a huge turnover and growth rate. This organization conducts a nationwide selection exam to choose the most promising candidates for the assistant position. To use this opportunity in a good way, you should prepare well. There are excellent tips you can get from the top educational websites. The audiovisual study material will also help you study well and to learn the tricks of answering questions aptly. Most of the candidates commit some common mistakes and lose a potential chance to get selected.

Mistakes to avoid in LIC Assistant Exam 2020  

  • Not checking the question pattern beforehand

The biggest mistake one can commit is not checking the turf before the game. It is mandatory to check the question pattern used by the examination board for the LIC Assistant exam. By concentrating on the exam pattern and question format, you will feel more confident in the actual exam. Even though you study hard, you will have to get accustomed to this pattern to avoid any kind of surprises in the LIC Assistant exam.

  • Not appearing for mock tests

If you are thinking of appearing directly in the actual exam then you are making a huge mistake. You should be practising how to keep calm while answering the questions in an exam beforehand. This will help you build a strategy and solve the questions accordingly. How can you do it? Just register in a reputed tutorial website offering a range of mock tests for the specific exams. The pattern of these exams and time allotted are similar to that of the actual exam. Hence, you will become habituated to maintain the right time. Your answering skills will automatically enhance. The time you take to solve one question will effectively reduce. It will matter a lot when you cumulatively consider the time you save.

  • Slow speed

Slow speed is the biggest weakness of a good candidate. As the time allotted for answering one question is less than a minute, you have to be very fast and accurate. Speed and accuracy are very hard to balance but not impossible. You will have to practice and escalate your efficiency level every day. For this, check the time taken to solve each question. Use the tricks and techniques shown by the mentors in the video tutorials in the online educational portals and practice. You will find a huge improvement on your side to answer the questions on time.

  • Always solve exam papers of the previous years

Never leave the previous years’ questions papers unattended. Make sure you have tested your abilities by solving those papers. Check the format of the papers and get accustomed to it. You can easily find the papers online or in the books published by the reputed brands.

  • Wrong approach

Design a strategy to approach a question paper for this exam. Do not copy the strategy used by the successful candidates. Customize your approach to attempt the questions and solve them one after the other. Find the most convenient way to solve the questions. A wrong approach can be lethal for your hard work. You can confirm whether your approach is ideal or not by checking the score in the mock exams.

  • Not considering negative marking

The candidates forget to consider the protocol of negative marking in the exam. They sometimes directly answer the questions or make a guess. This can land you in a soup as the marks you score for the right answers will get deducted. Move ahead if you are not confident with the answer but do not guess an option.

Final words

Use these tips to crack the exam and enjoy the perks and benefits of LIC Assistant Salary. Working in this organization will ensure financial security and satisfaction.