The Most Underrated Fashion Accessories

The Most Underrated Fashion Accessories

Fashion is a fickle field, even for those who try and keep up with it. There are so many brands to keep up with, so many different elements in an outfit, and an ever-increasing number of style genres (dark academia, fairy glam, gen Z emo, etc.) to understand and master. And while putting together a look that is chic and hits every note just right might seem like an easy task, in fact, it can be extremely complicated.

One of the trickiest parts about fashion is not the clothes but the accessories that adorn them. Many people forget about the important details sitting on your head, face, wrists, feet, or elsewhere on the body that make all the rest of it work together nicely.

Here are some of the more underrated fashion accessories that folks overlook, or ignore entirely, that deserve their day in the sun.

Elegant, Exciting, Extreme Earrings

Earrings are no longer just the purview of women. Men, too, can enjoy the dangling grace of decoration on their earlobes. As well they should! Nothing draws attention to the face like a fantastic pair of earrings – whether they be chunky and bright, sparkly and long, or small and subtle. You can also use a smart pair of earrings to make a drab outfit pop or to change the genre of an outfit from serious to fun (or vice versa!). They are also small and easy to store, all while packing a major aesthetic punch. In other words, it’s definitely worth keeping a good collection!

Brilliant, Bold, Beautiful Belts

Belts, being at the middle of an outfit, so often get turned into a practical affair. However, brown leather with a silver buckle is not the beginning and end of this fashion aesthetic: belts can make or break an outfit and aren’t always just about holding up your pants! Trying a signature cinched waist with a bold belt can absolutely nail a vintage look. If your style is more grunge 90s, try adding a Lizard Tails adjustable belt to get just the right look.

Stunning, Silly, Sensational Socks

Socks! Where would we be without them? Socks are certainly one of the more practical elements of an outfit – they can wick away sweat and keep you from contracting some of the ickier diseases like athlete’s foot – but few people view them as the brilliant fashion accessory they are. White cotton gets a bad rap for being boring, but paired with the right shoe and shorts, this is a look that always works.

Alternatively, you can go even further! It is possible to get your hands on socks that are sparkly, ruffled, patterned, and in all manner of incredible colors and lengths! If you’re attending a posh party, pop a bit of gold in above your brogue, or put on a bright color to contrast with your chunky heel! If you’re out for an evening, try a short dress and a pair of funky knee-highs to wow those around you.