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The Secret of Using ADP Strategy to Draft Fantasy Football

The Secret of Using ADP Strategy to Draft Fantasy Football


Every fantasy football participant wants to have the best team and get the highest points. But if you are learning how to draft in fantasy football, you might face challenges building and managing a perfect team. Therefore, it is important to understand various strategies and useful tools like ADP.

So, how does ADP work in fantasy football? Continue reading.

Understanding ADP In Fantasy Football

The Average Draft Position is crucial in drafting at the beginning of the season. It determines how players are selected and evaluates their value in the league. Participants can check the most picked player and get a better idea of who to choose. If you get stuck, it is prudent to use a draft kit. The 2022 fantasy football draft kit will get you off to a good start.

The ranks are based on prior drafts conducted by the fantasy community. ESPN, Yahoo, NFL, and My Fantasy League online platforms report the ADP of each player in real-time. Each platform has access to data from all mock drafts and live drafts on its platform.

Online Platforms That Provide Real-Time ADP

ESPN Fantasy Football

ADP stands for Average Draft Position in ESPN fantasy football leagues. ESPN fantasy football is one of the most popular venues for hosting fantasy leagues, so they have a lot of data from millions of drafts to work with. Remember that ESPN leagues use non-PPR scoring, so keep that in mind when comparing ADP on ESPN to other platforms.

Yahoo Fantasy Football

Yahoo fantasy football is one of the most popular fantasy football platforms that uses a .5 PPR scoring system. Therefore, wide receivers and tight ends may have higher ADPs than ESPN and other platforms.

Sleeper Fantasy Football

Sleeper fantasy football leagues come with a fantastic design, UX, and accessibility. These top-notch features endear it to fantasy league enthusiasts. However, it doesn’t have a standard scoring point per reception (PPR); its ADP may be less reliable than ESPN and Yahoo. But the reliability also depends on your league settings.

MFL Fantasy Football

The MFL fantasy football leagues are one of the most adaptable fantasy football platforms. It hosts various industry leagues, including the Scott Fish Bowl tournament, but PPR does not have a “standard scoring” system like the Sleeper platform.

ADP Benefits and How to Use It to win Leagues

If you are a rookie fantasy football manager, choosing good players can be an uphill task. Luckily, ADP statistics can help you draft a competitive team. To be specific, it helps make safe draft picks early and easily pick late-round players, especially from groups you are not familiar with.

But it is also beneficial to seasoned managers. First, it helps them draft great sleepers. More importantly, it gives fantasy football players a clear picture of how other managers value players. The ADP statistic helps determine whether to draft a player, say in the fifth round, or wait for them to drop to a higher round where you can get more value.

Final Note

Drafting is important as it determines your team’s players and performance during the season. Therefore, it would help if you were well prepared with tools that can boost your success. Specifically, you should check the ADP of each player before incorporating them into your team. Armed with a 2022 fantasy football draft kit, you can rest assured of finishing in the top spots. Happy drafting as you prepare to smash records next season!

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