The Top 6 High-Performing Facebook SEO Strategies In 2021

The Top 6 High-Performing Facebook SEO Strategies In 2021

Facebook is one of the social media giants that has witnessed substantial growth year-over-year. With a strong base of over 2.9 billion users globally, it’s a no-brainer why Facebook continues to be the top choice of businesses seeking a solid online presence in today’s digital era. And with the available data demonstrating that 75% of the Facebook users daily scroll through their news feed and spend an average of 37 minutes regularly on the platform, why the heck don’t try it once? 

However, merely creating your business’s Facebook page isn’t enough these days! You can’t expect any miracle to happen and shoot up your sales without your interference. To leverage the potentials of a platform like Facebook, you have to first leverage the following top 6 Facebook SEO strategies. So, let’s see what these are. 

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Top High-Performing Facebook SEO Strategies To Boost Organic Traffic

The Top 6 High-Performing Facebook SEO Strategies In 2021

Your Facebook page is also a sort of page. Hence, all those SEO tips you utilize for other pages are more or less relevant here too. For example, here are some of them. 

1. Your Name Says It All!

As your first and foremost step, be selective and careful while assigning your Facebook page its name! 

Though you can change your page’s name multiple times (after a gap of 7-days each time), it’s not considered professional and can hamper your business’s image. Hence, brainstorm and finalize the BEST name at the beginning itself. 

From the SEO perspective, it’s better to include your target keyword in your page’s name. 

However, don’t sound like a blatant self-promoting attention seeker. A single and long-tail keyword is deemed the best for a professional Facebook page name. 

2. Claim Your Vanity URL.

After creating your Facebook business page, you’ll be allotted your unique and dynamic URL also called a branded URL  or vanity URL

This vanity URL is completely customizable and you must customize it as per your company’s name to receive a serious SEO boost. 

Note that your vanity URL must be:

  • Descriptive
  • Concise
  • Memorable

Its main goal is to give your audience an impression of what your page and business are all about. Thus, a well-customized vanity URL is your gateway to vast recognition and visibility over Facebook. 

For example, consider these two URLs.

The Top 6 High-Performing Facebook SEO Strategies In 2021

In a nutshell, focus on your vanity URL to present your business in a better light over Facebook and search engines. 

3. Cleverly Insert Your Target Keywords On Your Page. 

Your SEO strategy is imperfect without keywords! 

Adequate use of your target keywords across the different sections of your Facebook page is as vital as a cup of coffee while working late-night! 

The common sections where you can place your keywords include:

  • About Us,
  • Description,
  • Headline,
  • Photo captions,
  • Notes,
  • Updates, etc.

For the keyword, try to use more long-tail keywords over the short-tail ones. Although such keywords don’t bring too much traffic and better rankings, the people visiting your page or website will surely find them more relevant than the others. As a result, you can be assured of more organic traffic. 

Note: Don’t forget to analyze your competitors’ Facebook pages to get an idea about your next and better strategy.  

4. Don’t Underestimate Social Media Backlinks!

The Top 6 High-Performing Facebook SEO Strategies In 2021

Yes, backlinks can do wonder outside your website too. 

Be it a social media platform or search engine, the more relevant and valuable your content appears, the better your chances of ranking higher. The best way to stamp your authority and value in front of social media platforms and search engines is by getting links (or backlinks) from authoritative sources. 

Though getting a backlink isn’t easy considering the growing competition, it’s never impossible if you try hard! 

However, a backlink must be from relevant and trustworthy sources ONLY! A backlink from any random source can negatively affect your page’s ranking. 

My pro tip!

Connect with the influencers around you, build relationships, and try getting guest posting opportunities from them. This way, they’ll either reward you by linking back to your content or adding custom tabs in their blog posts. 

Furthermore, link back to your Facebook content in your blog or website content to drive continuous traffic between the two. 

5. A Polished About Us Section Is A Must.

The About Us section is of great importance whether it’s your website or the Facebook page. 

Every new visitor to your Facebook page will surely heed your About Us tab to better understand the page. Then only they’ll decide whether to follow you or not! 

Hence, smear your About Us section with relevant keywords and tell your prospects how they can benefit from it.

6. Add More Custom Tabs!

One of the best features of creating a Facebook page is its support for a plethora of custom tabs.

A generic Facebook page features only certain tabs like About Us, Videos, or Events. As you’ll endow your page with different content, you can add custom tabs to contain them under a particular tab. 

For example, some cool and engaging custom tabs include Videos, Posts, Photos, Reviews, Community, and Podcasts. Adding your content under the respective tabs simplifies navigation on the page and makes the visitors stay for long. 

Don’t worry! You can remove the tabs you don’t use frequently to declutter your Facebook page.

The Final Takeaway!

Creating a Facebook page has become common these days. Driving it in full force is still what’s uncommon! If you want to stand out on Facebook among millions of other businesses, you have to optimize your Facebook page. For this, you can use my above awesome strategies to grow unfailingly. 

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