Things to Know before Renting a Car in Detroit

Things to Know before Renting a Car in Detroit

Detroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan and should of course be on the itinerary of any person visiting the state. It has a great history and a lot of landmarks. However, public transportation is not the best, so it is necessary to have a car to get around. The taxi rates can add up, so it makes sense to rent a car in Detroit in most cases. Be sure to follow some tips to rent a car on a budget or to save up while renting.

Pick up location

It is important to understand that car rentals at the airport usually charge more for the convenience of location. Thus, it pays to research the prices of Detroit rental car services and figure out if it is better to get a car in the city and get a taxi from the airport. Certainly, if you are traveling in a group, it is probably better to rent a car at the terminal, to save yourself the hassle of getting a taxi. Budget in Detroit airport or any other car rental in Detroit is going to save you a lot of nerves trying to fit a big group into many taxis or finding a van to get all of you into the city.

Besides, you can try to arrange to have a car delivered to your accommodation or to find a car rental in Detroit, nearby your preferred location. If you are in the city for a short span of time, getting a car close by will save you a lot of time, which could be spent sightseeing. Furthermore, some car rentals may provide you with the option of dropping the car off at the airport, regardless of your pick-up location. It is extremely convenient as you don’t have to worry about how to get to the departure terminal.

Reserving a car

When you plan your travels, you should try to do your research on the rentals that are available in the area. While at this, make sure to check the cars available to find the one suitable for your needs. Whether you travel in a big group or a small one, there is bound to be a vehicle that fits your requirements. You definitely can reserve a car online, but you may also call the rental service just to be sure you get the one you want. Besides, while on the phone you may also enquire if there are any procedures that could speed up the process. It might be faster if you fill out some information online or if you choose to pay online in advance. 

Being frugal

Be sure to negotiate better terms or conditions. Even though there are fixed prices, some of the additional services might be optional and thus you could save up on those. Insurance can take up a huge portion of your rental budget, so do your research in advance. Quite frequently credit card companies have insurance included as one of the perks and it could work for the rental company. Package deals are also a great way of saving up. Often there are bundles of rentals and accommodation combined that could help you spend less. Don’t forget about the cashback that some companies offer, so it could be sensible to pay using a credit card or a club card.

Saving up on Gas

Apart from the obvious savings, you can make, you should also consider the money you are spending on fuel. Firstly, try to compare the prices and maybe use a membership card. Besides, think about the car you are about to rent. Quite often you can find a car that fits your needs but uses less petrol than the other cars in the category. It might be tempting to splurge a bit and get a fancy car, but it is not always worth it. 

Overall, since Detroit is a huge city and driving is definitely the best way to get around. Not all holidaymakers have someone to lend them a car, so renting one is the way to go. Not only is it comfortable, but you can save much on taxi fares, especially if you are in the city for more than a weekend.