Atlanta is a city bustling with lively colors and wonderful nightlife. It is a city full of fun things to do, and visiting Atlanta completely will require a couple of weeks as there is just so much to do and so little time. Keeping this in mind and the fact that most people’s vacation can’t be this long, I have combined a list of things you should know before you start spending your time in Atlanta to make the most out of your trip. Being a native of Atlanta, I can run you through things in no time.

1) Going around Atlanta is kind of a pretty easy thing as Atlanta has got a well-connected transportation system of buses and trains, which transport people conveniently from one place to another in and around the city. This transit system is called Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority or abbreviated as MARTA. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlantic International Airport is considered to be the busiest airport in the world.

2) Atlanta also prides itself on its impressively diverse cultural ethnicity and the sheer population of gay people in the city. Gay people receive a lot of respect in Atlanta and are treated equally as everyone else. Statistically, Atlanta has one of the lowest numbers of reported cases of homophobia in America when compared to other cities in America. If you happen to go past 10th Street in Piedmont Avenue, you will notice that the footpaths are rainbow-painted, which signifies the LGBTQ flag. It is a pride for the residents of Atlanta to see their city being open and accepting towards every individual.

3) Another great thing about Atlanta is that the cuisine is not just limited to American classics such as a barbecue or fried chicken, which has widely been assumed by many. Instead, Atlanta has a widely diversified cuisine. You can find good food from every country in Atlanta. Atlanta has a wide range of Michelin stars and highly awarded restaurants. Also, Atlanta hosts numerous celebrity chefs. Therefore, Atlanta can be classified as a city for foodies because it hosts electric and colorful cuisines.

4) If you are a movie, television, or just an overall Hollywood fanatic, Atlanta is the city for you to visit. We host famous and award-winning stars such as Tyler Perry, Ryan Gosling, Clint Eastwood, Chris Hemsworth, and the gorgeous Jennifer Lawrence. All of these celebrities are esteemed individuals and actors that usually abode in Atlanta. Atlanta is often referred to as one of the world’s televisions and movie capital. It is common to see a shooting take place in the city, and many famous movies have been shot here. Also, if you are a fanatic of the television shows “Vampire Diaries” or/and “The Walking Dead”, then you can take a tour of their filming sites in Atlanta.

5) I mentioned the fantastic nightlife here in the beginning. Atlanta hosts some of the best clubs in the country. The atmosphere in the nightclubs of Atlanta is often exhilarating and quite lively, with everyone just casting away their worries and partying like there is no tomorrow. It is not only nightclubs that are great, but you can find great comedy clubs, bars, and dance halls to party in as well. There are many other ways to light up your nightlife without partying. The free-to-go examples of these include the Atlanta Jazz Festival, Atlanta Arts Festival, and the Atlanta Dogwood Festival. Also, in case if you are worried about meeting up with an accident while partying, then let go of your worries because there are some of the best accident doctors in Atlanta. You can use any mobile app or Google Maps to search out the closest urgent care or orthopedic clinic (in case of a serious injury) to get seen at soonest.

6) Another surprising fact you might not know about Atlanta is that the Worldwide Headquarters of Coco-Cola corporation is situated at North Avenue in Atlanta. Most carbonated drinks around the world are referred to as soda or cold drink, but in Atlanta, it is just called Coke or Coca Cola. This shows how big the influence of Coca Cola corporation has on the city of Atlanta. Not to forget that the Varsity Restaurant is the restaurant that serves the most Coca Colas’ in the world.

7) Atlanta has many diverse and culturally rich neighborhoods that welcome people belonging to all kinds of backgrounds. Each neighborhood has a distinct type of personality with different types of bars, shops, and restaurants. East Atlanta is an upcoming neighborhood with many fantastic bars. It is a neighborhood that is full of life. On the other hand, a neighborhood such as Castleberry Hill is a pretty diversified and multicultural neighborhood with a more laid back and quieter atmosphere.

8) Atlanta is a city whose people are fanatic when it comes to sports. Be it Football, Baseball, Basketball, or American football. Football is an upcoming sport still in its growing stages if we speak in terms of the United States. But Atlanta is one of those cities in America, where football is just as important as any other sport and given a lot of importance and exposure. Atlanta has many good college football teams such as the Atlanta Hawks, the Atlanta Braves, and the Atlanta Falcons. And we also have a superb and successful MLS franchise situated in Atlanta called the Atlanta United. 

9) Being a native I do realize how funny it is to tell you that Atlanta has around 71 streets with a variant of the word “Peachtree” in their name. Peachtree is like the Fifth Avenue of Atlanta and is often a joke of natives that half of the streets in Atlanta are named Peachtree. 

10) Another ease when visiting Atlanta for visitors is that they will always find a suitable hotel room to rent out for their stay. Atlanta has a massive range of hotels, and you will find hotels for every price range and rating here. So you can stay within your budget limit and save up some cash to spend on other things instead. Atlanta, in addition to the family and budget-friendly hotels, also boasts a range of super-elite and exclusive hotels such as Four Seasons, Ritz-Carlton Downtown, Mandarin Oriental, and St. Regis Atlanta.

Now since you have the inside scoop, get ready, pack your bags and unlock Atlanta; the city full of surprises.