Tips and Tricks for Motivating Teams of People in the Workplace

Tips and Tricks for Motivating Teams of People in the Workplace

According to a report, thousands of people quit their jobs every day because of a lack of motivation. And each day, companies wonder what tips and tricks to incorporate into their culture to decrease turnover and retain their workers. Keeping the employees motivated and driven is one of the main pieces of the employee retention jigsaw puzzle. Often, employees get demotivated with a similar work pattern; It must be the prime focus of the organization’s leaders to keep the employees motivated. Let’s take a look at some of the best tips and tricks for motivating teams of people in the workplace.

●  Appreciation & Recognition Culture

It is straightforward for employees to feel overlooked or underappreciated, which creates a fluctuation in their performance and motivation level. You can host an appreciation day, or at the completion of a project, you can personally acknowledge the employees’ efforts. Everyone longs for appreciation. It is best to create a recognition culture. This will tell them that you value them and appreciate their valuable contributions.  Want to learn more about appreciation and recognition culture for employees? Follow the work done by Mike McGahan Ottawa.

●  Celebrate Milestones

Never shy away from celebrating birthdays, work anniversaries, or project completion. Celebrating little achievements keeps your employees’ spirits high and keeps them invested in the business’s goals. It creates a sense of competition among the employees to do the job better.

●  Give positive feedback

To make your employees work harder and better, it is essential that you give them feedback in weekly meetings. You can share the performance report with them for valuable recognition. Letting them know how their active participation helped the team in any situation.

●  Flexible Work Hours

Modern technology has changed the conventional ways of operating businesses. If employees are expected to be tech-savvy and execute tasks on the go, then it’s pretty okay for them to expect flexible working schedules from their employers. According to a study conducted by Forbes, applicants look for flexible working hours while applying for jobs. So, giving them the opportunity to pick manageable working time will increase their motivation. Learn more about flexible working hours from Mike McGahan Ottawa to level up your business.

●  Incorporate their Ideas

Never immediately turn down the ideas given by your team members; listen to them carefully. Being unheard can result in demotivation followed by absenteeism. You don’t want that. Incorporate their ideas and if not, then explain to them with logical answers how it can’t happen. Make your employees feel heard.

●  Decorate Your Workspace

Well, nobody wants to work for long hours in a dull and boring office. An aesthetically pleasing and well-functional workstation with a bit of fun area can keep your employees motivated. Keep your office minimal and clean. Add art pieces from local artists and colors that have a pleasant impact on the brain. This will make the working space more enjoyable and engaging.


It is not difficult to take measures to keep your workers inspired and motivated. Incorporate the above-mentioned tips and tricks in your office to increase productivity.