Tips for Launching an Investment Blog in Canada

Tips for Launching an Investment Blog in Canada

Canadians are quick to take up opportunities to invest and save for the future. Trends suggest that some of the most frugal among us are Canadian savers, and this is for great reason. Alongside a growing inflation problem, the costs of housing and other essentials are rising, making spending power diminish along the way. For many Canadians, the simple answer is to get into the business of investing in order to protect that future purchasing power and save for retirement, a fulfilling life, and much more.

Many people are utilizing their investments for large purchases as well, such as a new car, home, or the expenses associated with a new child. Down south in the United States, the USDA estimates that the cost of raising a single child is around $234,000 in the U.S.

Something has to change in the way we all approach personal finance, and for many, that’s the investment game. Yet, millions of people in the U.S., Canada, and all around the world don’t know where to begin when it comes to launching a brand new investment portfolio. This is where bloggers come into play. In the modern market, there’s a blog for everything (with estimates putting the total number of blogs on the internet at upwards of 600 million). Adding your hat to the ring is a great way to share your experiences with those who need help the most while doing something fun, fulfilling, and potentially lucrative.

Conduct research into your competition.

Any good business will investigate the competition early on in the launch cycle. With a Wealthsimple Canada review, and other reviews, investigations, and readings, you can build a greater depth of understanding when it comes to the competition and alternatives that exist in the same space as you. Likewise, reading a review and the content on the pages that provide the same general themes that you hope to give to your readers can help you settle on an overarching style that will guide your work and mission. You may be writing about the same general concepts as any number of other bloggers, but with your own unique voice and perspective, you are still giving readers a unique take on a commonly covered concept. This is crucial to carving out your niche and building the following that you’re after as a content creator.

Launching a WordPress blog and online business is easier than you’d ever imagine.

Launching a WordPress blog and online business is easier than you’d ever imagine.

In order to launch a blog, WordPress site, online store, and more, you need a collection of just a few key elements. One of the first should be Canada VPS hosting with great reliability and uptime metrics (VPS meaning Virtual Private Server). In order to launch a blog anywhere in the world, you need a web address and a hosting service to maintain the presence of your content on the web. Web design and WordPress plugins come after the web host question has been addressed and a physical server secured to manage your domain name and site information. This is easy to incorporate and is often the last part of the launching sequence for your online presence. Yet finding the right hosting service for your blog site is crucial over the long term. Therefore, identifying great hosting service options should be one of the first priorities that you have. Whether you run a small business and have years of experience working with a VPS server and data centers or you’re totally new to the concept of virtual machines, root access, and web hosting, a VPS solution, and dedicated server are a must for any type of specific needs that you might have.

The tone and actual content arc of your blog is the other essential ingredient to building a successful platform that readers will want to return to time and again for detailed information and advice. Writing out some of the content before launching the blog is a must, and it will give you a sense of the schedule you might consider keeping for all your posts.

With these elements in mind launching your new personal finance and investment blog is easier than ever.


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