Tips for Picking a Suitable Pair of Sunglasses


Sunglasses have become essential eyewear. They help reduce brightness in any place or a setting where the sun’s rays impact your vision and eyes. Today, you can find them in an array of styles and shapes, resulting in them becoming a fashion accessory. When picking suitable sunglasses for yourself, you need to pay attention to the shape, colour, size, and UV protection they offer. Pick a pair from reputable brands online like, â€œfendi sunglasses”” which come in the Palladium, a delicate metal framework and are suitable for various face shapes. Read on to know some tips to help yourself pick the perfect pair of sunglasses.

Choose Glasses with Shape Opposite to Your Face

It’s a thumb rule that you shouldn’t forget when exploring shades for yourself. Look for those sunglasses whose shape is the exact opposite of your face. For instance, on a square-shaped face, curvy and round frames will suit. If you are round-faced, find those that have geometric frames. Those with heart-shaped faces should select aviators or shades in cat-eye styles. On the other hand, if you have an oval face, you can shop any of the types mentioned in this point.

Conduct a Lens Check to Assess Quality

There are a few things you can do to check the quality of non-prescription sunglasses. They are as follows.

  • Look at an object or thing with a rectangular pattern, for instance, a tiled floor.
  • Hold the sunglasses at a suitable distance from the face and cover one of your eyes.
  • Shift the sunglasses from one side to the other slowly. Now move them up and down—all this while looking through the lenses.
  • If the rectangular lines remain straight, it means the lenses are good. But if the lines wiggle, you need to try a different pair.

Assess the Lens Width

While purchasing sunglasses, many people fall into the habit of copying trends. For instance, an oversized frame is always in trend. But if you have a petite face, this type of frame will never suit you. It is crucial to find the ideal frame size for your face shape. For this, you need to try out different styles and find the one that suits you. It is also wise to shop for sunglasses that come in varied frame sizes. For instance, you can find â€œfendi sunglasses”” online in narrow, average, and wide frame sizes. The lens width of narrow sunglasses is up to 55 mm, while that for average and wide frame sunglasses is up to 64 mm and 65 mm, respectively.

Know the Lens Colour

The lens colour does not have any impact on UV protection, but it determines the kinds of activities the sunglasses are suitable for. For example, grey lenses are multi-purpose. They simply darken what you usually see without distorting any colour. Similarly, green lenses are also all-purpose. But amber and brown lens colours increase contrast and are a good option for unpredictable weather conditions. They are also suitable for sporting activities that need a degree of depth perception. Rose-coloured lenses enhance road visibility and provide a high degree of contrast. They also minimise eye strain and can be worn for an extended period.

The right pair of sunglasses serve a dual purpose. They protect you from the sun’s harsh glare and transform your look. But, you need to be careful while choosing them. Keep the above tips in mind to benefit from a good purchase.