Tips to Help You Design the Perfect Engagement Announcement Card

Tips to Help You Design the Perfect Engagement Announcement Card

The announcement of a proposal or engagement is one of the most exciting occasions in a couple’s life. You will not only want to share your news with family and friends but also shout it from the rooftops. To do so, you will need engagement announcement cards made from quality paper with exquisite designs and boasting the loveliest photographs of you and your partner.

Designing an announcement card for your engagement can be a nail-biting experience. This post highlights some tips to help you share your message in the most unforgettable way possible.

What to Include in Your Engagement Announcement Card

Several key elements go into determining the general look and appeal of your announcement card. The following are some aspects of your card that will require keen attention:

  • Pictures – People are more likely to look at pictures than long at pieces of text, so try to incorporate a number of your best photos on the engagement card.
  • Trim options – Mixbook offers a wide selection of trim options such as crest, square, double round, ticket, and many others from which to choose.
  • Font – The font you select must clearly show both names of the spouses and any other relevant information by using good font size, attractive color, and fabulous style.
  • Color – Color is very crucial to the appearance of the card you choose to design because many people are very particular about color. Pick a color that blends well with your preferred theme.
  • Paper material – Many people choose to keep their announcement cards many years after the wedding, so try to use good texture paper that is not easily damaged by moisture and humidity.
  • Card orientation – Your card orientation may be either landscape or portrait. Some experts recommend the portrait option because it displays words and pictures perfectly.
  • Card size – While a big card will obviously pack more information, a medium-size card should suffice if you’re not passing on too much information. A size 5×7 or 4×8 is quite adequate. 

More Helpful Tips

  • Customize Your Card

You are at liberty to choose backgrounds, colors, and fonts that complement your personality. Don’t hold back when choosing illustrations and graphics that speak to who you are.

  • Take Great Pictures

Stuck on which photograph best portrays your love? The most beautiful engagement pictures often include subtle details of the subject matter, such as the ring or sentimental background texts.

  • Go Affordable, Not Cheap

While your engagement cards need not cost an arm and a leg, you also don’t want to skimp out on the paper quality or design and end up with something you don’t like.

  • Print in High Resolution

Mixbook offers the most elegant print papers with beautiful finishing that produce clear, elegant, and breathtaking photographs.  

Final Thoughts

Your engagement announcement card should feature your best and most attractive photos. It should capture your personal style, tastes, and preferences and depict who you and your partner are as a couple. If you are ready to start working on your announcement, all you need to do is go onto the Mixbook website and work your way to the best design possible.