Tips to prepare chemistry for JEE main

Tips to prepare chemistry for JEE main

Chemistry is one of the most important subjects considered among the three subjects required in JEE. JEE mains is a national level entrance examination which demands knowledge in the fields of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics out of which Chemistry is the most scoring subject. After qualifying for the entrance examination, one can get into IITs, NITs and various other engineering colleges. Becoming an engineer is the dream of many students. They dream of becoming engineers from a very early age. Some students start preparing for the JEE examination just after taking admission in class 11. It might seem a bit challenging for the students to cope up with the vast syllabus at first. But by building a strong foundation, one can overcome any challenge. 

Chemistry is considered easier than the other two subjects. The different sections of chemistry have a different approach that needs to be followed. In the case of organic chemistry, practising the chemical equations, reactions and mechanisms will help the students out. For physical chemistry, students need a strong conceptual knowledge about the topics and regular practice. When it comes to organic chemistry, students need to be good at memorizing. Learning and practising is the best way out for this section. 

Important tips to score more in chemistry

Below are some tips to score high marks in chemistry.

  • We need to prepare a proper routine first. The routine should include all the chapters with proper time distribution. 
  • All three sections including organic, inorganic and physical parts should be given equal preference. All three sections of chemistry are interrelated with each other. Therefore, all three sections should be equally focused. We should not ignore any topic from any of the sections and allocate equal time to all three sections.
  • During the preparation, one should always start with those concepts that they find tough or those that consume more time. It is usually recommended to start with organic chemistry and then move on to the physical section and lastly the inorganic part. This will help in covering up the entire syllabus within a proper time frame.
  • The most important thing while learning Organic chemistry is the periodic table. While inorganic and physical chemistry requires the basic knowledge of the periodic table, organic chemistry mostly focuses on the periodic table and requires in-depth knowledge about it. Therefore, it is necessary to have good knowledge about the entire periodic table. Students can also paste a big picture of the periodic table in front of their study table so that they get to see it every now and then. 
  • Chemistry is based mostly on reactions. Half of the questions are asked about reactions and reagents. Therefore, it is necessary to learn about the reactions in detail. But learning reactions doesn’t mean memorizing them. Students need to understand the mechanism behind the reaction rather than just remembering or memorizing them. This way they can gain good knowledge about how reactions occur and what reagents are required for any reaction to happen. It will also help them to solve reaction problems more accurately.
  • Some things are destined to be memorized. Like the formulas, reagents, etc. Therefore, the students need to memorize the formulas of all the topics of physical chemistry. It will help them to solve problems without putting in too much time. Likewise, remembering the names of reagents while solving a reaction is extremely important.
  • From the inorganic part, students should put more effort and focus on the d-block elements and coordination compounds as these are complex topics and need more attention. The p-block and s-block elements are easy to solve and therefore, basic knowledge would be sufficient for them. 
  • Making small notes while preparing is very beneficial. While studying, whenever one finds something important or any term or any formula that seems to be of use, they should write it down in a handy notebook. It will help in the revision time later on.
  • Since chemistry is a scoring subject, students often tend to ignore the subject. But this will be a barrier for the student to crack JEE. They should give equal preference to all the subjects and all the chapters.
  • Chemical reactions require a lot of understanding. Therefore, it is recommended to practice around 40 reaction questions every day. 
  • Selecting the right material to study for a competitive exam like JEE is very important. For chemistry, the NCERT textbook is sufficient if one is thoroughly prepared. But to gain in-depth knowledge one can always use guide books or reference books which provide a huge sum of questions along with their solution. These questions differ in their difficulty level.
  • Sample papers should be solved to ensure better learning and tracking of one’s progress. A lot of sample papers are available from different publications which provide high-quality questions. They can help in experiencing a real-time exam scenario if attempted with a time limit of 3 hours.
  • Practising previous year question papers is like the icing on the cake. The study reveals that many questions are repeated in the exam or questions with the same pattern are asked. Therefore, it is very beneficial for a student to practice previous year question papers for up to 10 years. 
  • Revision is the most important factor while preparing for an exam like JEE. Revising a chapter ensures that no concept or information is forgotten by the student in any case. There are various ways for revising. One can make their own notes or they can practice from the notes provided by their tutors. We have attached JEE Main Chemistry Revision Notes for further reference.

JEE is an important exam for students who aspire to become an engineer. Also, chemistry is not a tough subject. In fact, it is the easiest scoring subject among the three subjects. It just needs a lot of practice and dedication. Hard Work along with constant dedication is the key to success. Students with strong determination can surely crack the JEE examination with excellent scores and flying colours.