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Top 10 animation studios in the United States to hire for your NFT Project

Top 10 animation studios in the United States to hire for your NFT Project


Word of mouth, staggering social media reports, or whatever lead you to explore NFTs, one thing is for sure. The trend is hot and here to stay for long, with the craze only increasing with every passing year. To give our statement a bit perspective, about $25 billion have been invested in NFTs in 2021 alone, with over 29% of US adults involved in it, and $40 billion worth of market value.

If you also aspire to join the league, welcome to the blog! Here, we will discuss everything, including the basic concept of non-fungible tokens, the role of animation, and the best NFT animation studios you can hire in the US. So let’s jump into it without any ado!

What is NFT

Non-fungible tokens are digital assets representing real-world objects, including arts, music, or any other unique thing. They are transferred from owner to owner through Blockchain technology.

This creates a digital trail from a seller to the buyer that verifies as a transaction and attests to the authenticity of the transfer of ownership. Although NFTs have been out there since 2014, The hype took off in 2021, with people selling digital artworks worth millions.

Why is animation an important part of NFT?

The NFT rage is as beneficial for other artists as for animators. It’s a huge step in digital ownership and online sales of digital artworks, including animations. Talking of animations, one of the current concepts in the blockchain world is “Animated NFT.”

It began with virtual breeding cats through a game known as Kryptokitties. What’s even interesting? It’s the most popular NFT right now. Moreover, as the popularity of animation increases, so will its value in the Blockchain world.

In other words, just like video marketing, there’s a good chance that animation will take over the NFT world as well. Which means now might be a great time to start investing in it!

Top 10 NFT Animation Studios in the US

If you are ready to set out on your NFT venture, the following are some of the best US-based NFT animation studios you can trust to create your digital animation artwork:

Kasra Design

Kasra Design is a top-notch animation company in United States that is providing excellent services since 2011. The company has worked with the world’s greatest brands and companies throughout the provided span and has won several awards and accolades for excelling in their skill. With an exceptionally creative team, you can easily trust them for your NFT project.

Cintri Media

You don’t have to be big to be great, and Cintri Media is a great example of it. With a highly creative team of just a handful of individuals, the dedication and creativity they put into each project are simply unrivaled. Combine that with extensive experience and diverse background, and you have got an NFT animation studio that has the potential to create masterpieces.


Sparkhouse takes pride in making videos that work well instead of just looking good. The company has 15+ years’ worth of portfolio that includes businesses of every scale, from fortune 500 to startups. With an experienced team that knows all the trivia of making a successful video, you can easily trust them for your NFTs, whether animated or live-action.

Green Hornet

If you have been following our Top 10 lists, you must have seen Green Hornet many times, primarily for the creativity the company brings to the table. Green Hornet is a multi-disciplinary video production company with over 2 decades of experience, savvy ideas, and a capable team to turn them into visual eye candy.

Flicker lab

Like Greenhornet, Flicker lab has also been in business for the past 2 decades. But that’s just about the only similarity among them, as Flicker lab takes a completely different direction in terms of videomaking. The team has worked closely with giants like Disney and Cartoon Network to create animations that make people laugh, excite, and think.

Bonfire Labs

Google, Facebook, Adobe, Twitter, Logitech; you name it! They have worked with giants of almost every industry in the current game. Bonfire is a San Francisco-based video production company that describes itself as the “jack of all trades.”.” They specialize in everything, from marketing videos to web content and anything in between, making them an ideal NFT animation studio for your project.

Bix Pix

There are very few companies completely dedicated to stop-motion video production; Bix Pix is one. That too, with multiple awards! If you aspire to give your NFT project a nostalgic touch with a lot of creativity, you can easily trust them. They simply stand out when it comes to stop-motion!


Bound to deliver beyond expectations, Clockwork promises its clients two things; exceptional work and excellent working experience. The company takes pride in adopting the changing trends and molding its creations accordingly. That being said, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to make an awesome NFT. 😉


Clickplay is another US-based NFT video production company specializing in various projects, including feature films, ads, and even awareness campaigns. The key selling point of their services is pristine quality at a budget. The company has collaborated with Netflix, Facebook, Dominoes, Linkedin, and many other major brands. All, in a nutshell, you are getting nothing less than excellence!


What makes a video project amazing? Yeah, a highly personalized experience. Interestingly, that’s what D-MAK is all about, an old-school experience where everything, from your calls to emails, is responded to by actual people. With a diverse portfolio, huge clientele, and numerous awards, D-MAK is a huge company with the customer experience of a startup!


With so many animation companies providing their services in the NFT sphere, it’s quite a tedious chore to decide who to trust, especially when each represents itself as the sole champion of the industry.

That being in check, we hope our selections helped you choose the right NFT animation studio for your project. All the companies present in the list are being selected after extensive research and general clients feedback. You can trust any of them without any worries.

And by the way, if you generally take an interest in animation, keep following our blog. There’s a lot of up-to-date, fresh information that we keep uploading that might interest you. Peace!

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