Top 4 Space-Saving Tips for Compact Homes

Top 4 Space-Saving Tips for Compact Homes

Many people strive to live in enormous homes with huge kitchens and several bedrooms. However, small homes get a bad rap. A compact living space is easier to decorate, the maintenance is simpler, and they are generally less expensive to run. However, it takes a certain skill to keep everything organised in small spaces. Not to mention, it is easy to feel constricted if you let things slip at home. Here are a few space-saving tips to help you make the most out of your compact home.


Tiny homes can feel so much smaller if they are filled to the brim with unnecessary items. Getting rid of bric-a-brac, unused appliances and general junk can help create more space and make your home feel larger. Get into the habit of clearing out the clutter. This includes throwing out old food in the kitchen, emptying the closet filled with miscellaneous items, and sifting through your wardrobe for clothing you no longer wear.

Create the Illusion of Space

A clever trick of the trade used by fancy hotels and restaurants is using a well-placed mirror to create the illusion of space. Mirrors can lend an aesthetic appeal to any room, and they are practical too. Decorate your hall with a large mirror to make it look more spacious or add a landscape mirror in the living room to add depth. You can also implement this idea throughout your home with reflective pieces. For example, opt for chairs with silver accents and tables with a mirrored design.

Space-Saving Furniture

Owners of small homes need to pay particular attention to the type of furniture they choose for their property. Although you might have your heart set on that elegant dining table that can seat the entire household plus extended family, it is a huge waste of space if you don’t entertain guests often. Try to choose furniture that can serve multiple purposes. For instance, choose a table that can double as a dining room table and a desk for homework. Additionally, coffee tables designed with handy drawers or heavy duty divan beds with a substantial amount of under-bed storage space are fantastic for homeowners lacking in space.

Room Arrangement

You can make your home more efficient by matching the size of your furniture to the size of the rooms. After all, huge pieces of furniture in tiny rooms can make your space feel incredibly cramped. In addition, the way you arrange your furniture can also make a huge difference too. Try to keep pathways open and free, and line large furniture against a wall to create more walking space. Those with an open-plan living room and dining room can create a divide by clustering pieces of furniture together. As an example, you can create a dining area by placing a small table with matching chairs in the corner of the room with a rug beneath them. Use a console table to section off this area. On the other side of this table, create a living room arrangement with a sofa, an armchair, and a compact coffee table.