Top 5 Reasons You Should Get Dental Implants In 2022

Top 5 Reasons You Should Get Dental Implants In 2022

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that can be used to replace natural teeth. They’re made of biocompatible materials, including metals, ceramics, or high-grade plastic polymers. Implants replace teeth you have lost due to injury, disease, or age. They are also used to hold dentures in place. The implant is placed directly into the jawbone for stability, where it binds with the surrounding bone tissue. Over time, this new connection allows implants to function like natural teeth. They can chew food easily and speak clearly without any impediment. A Yonkers dental implants specialist can help you learn more about implants before you get the treatment. Over the years, many people have developed a preference for dental implants due to the benefits they offer, and we look at some of them in this article.

1. Durable

Dental implants are highly durable. which can last more than 20 years. They don’t corrode like natural teeth due to the lack of nerve endings, and their surface is made of artificial substances. The lack of nerves makes them less susceptible to pain or damage caused by hot or cold fluids or food. They are impact resistant which means you can chew or bite as hard as possible without damaging the implant. Dental implants have been tested and approved for use in professional athletes, so they’re great for those who love to be active.

2. Cannot Be Eroded by Saliva

Saliva naturally contains calcium. This means that other artificial teeth like crowns and bridges are prone to eroding their outer layer by saliva. However, this doesn’t happen with dental implants due to how they bond with the jawbone. They cause the bone to grow back, further supporting the implant.

3. Protect Bone Health

When you lose a tooth, there’s always a chance it will lead to the loss of bone mass in that area. This bone will never grow back on its own, which means there’s a higher chance of suffering fractures and impaired chewing ability in the future. For this reason, it’s recommended that dentures be removed before implants are placed. Dentures prevent implants from bonding with the jawbone, resulting in bone loss.

4. Offer Better Smiles

Since implants look natural, they allow you to enjoy better oral health without the need for dentures or other removable appliances. This will improve your self-esteem and make you feel more confident in social situations, which might lower your risk of developing depression. They also offer a more youthful appearance that can be great for improving your overall appearance.

5. Easy to Maintain

Dental implants require very little maintenance. Unlike natural teeth, they don’t have roots, so there’s no need to floss them daily. They also don’t decay, so there’s no need for your dental implants specialist to perform a root canal. However, you will still have to visit the dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning. They are stain-resistant, which means they maintain their natural look for longer. You can enjoy excellent oral health without the need to change your entire lifestyle like you would with removable appliances like dentures. In summary, dental implants are artificial tooth roots used to replace missing or damaged teeth. They come with various benefits, including comfort and durability. They also improve your smile and protect bone health. Additionally, they are easy to maintain and resistant to corrosion by saliva.