Top 5 Tips For PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

Top 5 Tips For PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode
Top 5 Tips For PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode

Top 5 Tips For PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode. PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode Battle has taken the experience of playing the Royal game to another level. The PUBG Mobile version 0.11.0 update adds a new mode called Zombie: Survive Till Dawn. In the new model, you have to stay away from zombies, with caution from loot and other players.

Here are Top 5 Tips For PUBG Mobile Zombie Mode:

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1. How many types of zombies are there?

Multiple zombies added to PUBG Mobile. Some zombies will hurt from work, some zombies will throw acid in the face. There is also Tyrant Boss of Resident Evil 2. The notification of Tyrant’s arrival within the game continued to increase. This makes it even more difficult when it is dark at night. Beware of the day and night in the hands of zombies. Stay open. Try to maintain distance from the zombies. Put more weapons in the pocket. Zombies do not die easily.

2. The best weapon for killing
zombies are the new mini-song and flamethrower added to PUBG Mobile by hand in zombie mode. This weapon can be used to keep multiple zombies away, but the new weapon cannot kill two. There is no substitute for shot songs from zombies. In one shot the zombie can be ended with a shot song. You can also use Scar-L to kill zombies.

3. The difference between day and night

Day and night PUBG Mobile will take a big role in zombie mode. How many zombies are on the map will depend on the day and night. There will be day, evening and night in each game. Most of it will be throughout the day. And the shortest time will be in the evening. We have to collect weapons during the day. Then in the evening, the preparations for the war will continue. And the zombies will come down in the darkness of the night.

4. Play team and tie

It would be easier to get rid of zombies on PUBG Mobile if the team was tied to playing alone. Use voice VAT in the game for this.

5. Zombie Bomb and Zombie Vaccine

The zombie bomb and the zombie vaccine are getting rid of zombies at PUBG Mobile. A zombie bomb can be found on the way home. Save the zombie bomb for use in the dark of night. It is possible to kill a group of zombies together in one bomb. This bomb will not hurt any of the players on the side.