Top 6 Benefits of Crowns for Your Teeth

Top 6 Benefits of Crowns for Your Teeth

While dental crowns are known for being a good tooth replacement option for damaged teeth, they offer a wider range of benefits. They can be used to revamp your smile or repair teeth that your dentist would have otherwise removed. In fact, most patients and dentists prefer them to other treatments because they are sturdy and versatile. Are you considering getting dental crowns but unsure of the benefits? Read on to learn why they are a top service offered by an expert general dentist in Hilliard. 

What Is a Crown?

Crowns are prosthetic teeth caps that are permanently sealed onto the top part of an existing tooth root, which could be natural or an implant. Generally, a crown feels and acts as a natural tooth and – depending on the material – can also look natural. But why exactly are crowns a preferred tooth restorative treatment option? Its top benefits include: 

1. Tooth Protection

One of the biggest benefits of dental crowns is that they protect your teeth from tooth decay. In fact, patients that experience recurrent decays are a prime target for this treatment option. This is because crowns cover your teeth with a material that is resistant to tooth decay and prevent sugars, acids, and harmful material from coming into contact with your sensitive teeth. 

2. Strong Teeth

Dental crowns are designed to fit the structure of your existing teeth or teeth root and fit permanently over them. When this is done, your natural teeth tend to regain their strength and are protected from further damage. This is why it is a preferred treatment for people that have just undergone root canals. 

3. Teeth Restoration

When your teeth are damaged or not fitting together in your mouth perfectly, your dentist can use dental crowns to change the size and shape of your teeth back to the original. This could be necessary if your teeth have eroded, broken, or become misshapen over time. 

4. Firm Fit

Dental crowns are usually fixed over a tooth or tooth root permanently. Essentially, this means that you don’t have to worry about them shifting or moving around in your mouth when you smile, talk, or chew. It also means that you will be more comfortable and confident about your new permanent smile. 

5. Beautiful Smile

Because dental crowns can cover up imperfections like chipping and discoloration, they can provide your teeth with a natural, more beautiful smile. The porcelain used to create crowns is also stain resistant so you will not have to worry about needing another makeover anytime soon. 

6. Versatile Treatment

As mentioned earlier, crowns are popular for their versatility when it comes to correcting teeth imperfections. They can be used to replace or reinforce discolored, chipped, or crooked teeth. They can also be used to make small teeth bigger and close the gaps between your teeth. 


The crowns offered by James Butler, DMD of Innovative Dental Ideas are designed to replace, restore, or reinforce damaged teeth and give you the smile of your dreams. If you have damaged teeth, contact the Hilliard, Ohio office to schedule a consultation with the dental experts’ team at the center. You can call us or schedule a visit through the online scheduler on our website.