Top Tips for Transforming the Playroom into the Teenage Den


Rooms for children of any age can be difficult to decorate since they must appeal to both the parents and the children who will be occupying them. Fun and function need to coexist, and you need to be able to adapt the space as different needs and wants develop. At some point, your children will outgrow their playroom: Lego and dolls may just not be cool – unless they are part of a vintage collection! Teens want a den where they can hang out with their friends – something that includes a hint of adult elegance along with video or table games, movies, and maybe an “influencer” corner (think TikTok and the Gram). Of course, each child is unique, but the best option is to work on something multifunctional that the whole family can enjoy at times. A fresh gender-neutral color scheme (like black, white, and grey) often works best as then you can be bold with pops of color and other suitable design elements. Here are some more tips on how to transform a space into a teenage den.

Work with What You Have

Make the most of the space and budget you have. If you already have a playroom, this is the ideal room to transform. It doesn’t need to be huge, and you can be creative and use out-the-box thinking to add more space and various levels within the confines of the walls. When it comes to budget, also be inventive. You could take an old toybox and transform it into an ottoman (footrest) with built-in storage space. Old, dated pieces of furniture can be given a fresh new look – there are so many DIY upcycling projects that you could tackle as a family.


That brings us to the next tip: getting your teens to participate in the design of their den will be invaluable. It not only creates bonding time but also allows them to take ownership and express their enthusiasm. You could even plan a “decorating party” and invite family and friends to pitch in and help with the painting or wallpapering chores. Decorate the room to reflect their preferences. Incorporate their interests and activities (but don’t make it a museum of their accomplishments!). It’s easy to get carried away but try to keep it simple.

Things to Consider

Ample seating is essential. It is a fun opportunity to introduce some color and whimsical design choices while keeping everyone comfortable and happy. For a total chill-out area, an 8 feet bean bag from Fombag is the ultimate in relaxation as it can accommodate up to six people. The great thing about beanbags is that they are washable. Other options include a sleeper couch, which is ideal as it’s multifunctional, or a few sturdy beach style loungers.

You may want to decorate the room around its function with plenty of play/chill zones to keep them entertained. If it is spacious enough, it could double as a training or gym space. If your teen is into crafts, why not include a wall of storage (think drawers, cubbies, boxes, and cabinets) and a table or desk for creating masterpieces? A well-lit corner of the room can easily be transformed into a green screen type studio space. Budding musicians may need a place to hold band practice – just make sure you invest in soundproofing (or DIY it).

Transforming the playroom into the teenage den can be a great bonding experience. Just keep these tips in mind and you should have no trouble creating a happy place for your teen.