OSRS – Top Tips to Help You Level Smithing

OSRS – Top Tips to Help You Level Smithing
OSRS – Top Tips to Help You Level Smithing

There are a lot of reasons as to why smithing in Old School Runescape can be helpful, but to make the most of the skill you may need some tips on how you can progress it efficiently. One way in which this is possible is by having a few tips on what you can do to earn OSRS gold and level it up quickly. With that in mind, if you want to get the skill up to speed as quickly as you can and avoid to buy OSRS gold, then here are a few hints that can help you.


This is one of the most effective skills that you can utilize in OSRS. Unfortunately, it does have to be said that it is only available to members, but if you are a member then you are certainly in look. This is because you are able to use a variety of different bars to help you. These include mithril, adamantite, steel, and iron to make bolts. These are made as you level up, but as you advance through the levels you will find that making Dart Tips can be incredibly valuable in terms of OSRS gold. With that in mind, finding someone who can sell OSRS gold isn’t necessarily an option that you have to take.

Making Cannonballs

On the subject of members-only methods, we can also gain access to the Dwarf Cannon quest if we are a member. Doing so allows us to make Cannonballs, which can help towards your Smithing XP by making them with steel bars. In fact, this can be a great method to take you all the way to level 99 if the method suits you. Even if it isn’t the quickest method, you won’t be buying OSRS gold if you use this technique.

Gold Bars

In the members-only minigame blast furnace, players are given the opportunity to take part in smelting gold. The Family Crest quest is a requirement for this, so make sure that you have completed it, so you get the goldsmith gauntlets. In turn, you can earn a mind-blowing 380,000 XP every hour if you do. One issue with this method is that gold ore that is required for it is very costly, so don’t expect to make a profit on it. In all honesty, you are more than likely looking at a loss, and a potentially massive one at that.


If you are a free-to-play player, then don’t worry as this list hasn’t left you out. It does however involve a little bit more legwork than members-only has to experience. Making Platebodies can be very effective, which can be made with smelted ore. The relevance of the specific Platebodies is a key factor, however.

With that in mind, you should focus on Bronze Platebodies up until level 33, then Iron Platebodies up to level 48. Once you have reached this point, switch to Steel Platebodies for the next 20 levels, then Mithril Platebodies until you reach level 88. For the remaining 11 levels, use Adamant Platebodies. If you want to get it done quickly you can get ore from the Grand Exchange, though this method will probably leave you at a loss with your OSRS gold.

Furnaces and Anvils

These are two vital factors when it comes to Smithing in OSRS. Starting with Furnaces, you will find 10 of them throughout OSRS, and you will need to use them so you can smelt ore to make metal bars. The furnaces found at Edgeville and Neitiznot are the closest that you will find that’s closest to a bank, but if you are a member then you can use the Blast Furnace minigame over in Keldagrim after finishing The Giant Dwarf quest.

As for anvils, these are imperative when it comes to leveling up your Smithing skill in Old School Runescape. You will find the best one to use is probably the one in Varrock, since it’s near both a bank and the Grand Exchange, though the anvil in Rellekka is also effective. The anvils themselves are needed for you to smith anything in OSRS, so make sure that you use them. To do so, have a hammer with you so that you can use the anvil effectively.

These are the most effective ways in which you can not only get your leveling up quickly for your Smithing skill, but you might also make some OSRS gold along the way, though not all of the methods are as cost-efficient as others might be.