Traditional Decor Inspiration: Explore Which Culture Fits You Best

Traditional Decor Inspiration
Traditional Decor Inspiration

Traditional decor themes may give a room or the entire home a unique impression. You may review various cultures to get some inspiration. Having a mudcloth pillow cover for your favourite pillow or a traditional wall hanging with an African theme can instantly enhance your home décor. While African décor mainly focuses on the living room and the bedroom, Chinese and Indian cultures also have unique and stunning decor ideas. 

When choosing decor ideas, you should consider the following:

  •       Your personality and lifestyle
  •       Inspiration for your décor and the origin
  •       Elements that define your style


Here are some of the best traditional cultures with inspiring décor themes:


1. African culture

The most common African theme manifests in the use of wildlife. Africa has some of the largest wildlife conservation centres. Tourists visiting such destinations may buy decor items with animal prints. Another aspect of the African decor scheme is in the patterns and colours. Some traditional African ethnic groups had a distinct dress code that symbolized their culture. Many people opt for such fabrics to make decor items for their homes. Most people are shifting to handmade décor items and fabrics to incorporate a natural feel at home due to the highly technological advancement in their living spaces. The African theme is predominant in the bedroom. The use of African themed bedding, mats, or any other décor item instantly upgrades the bedroom. You may also make use of African themed prints for your cushion covers or have furnishings made of natural materials. Handwoven baskets or bowls and furniture are a common feature in African inspired homes.


2. Moroccan decor theme

What inspires this theme is mainly architectural designs, beautiful patterns, and bright colours. It originates from the European and Arabic countries. If you opt for this décor inspiration, you need to have a spectacular architectural building to complement the theme. Other easy additions to make include accessories that should also be big in line with the Moroccan culture. Mostly such a decor scheme will go well with leather seats, L-shaped sofas, and classy pouffes. Another feature that reflects the Moroccan culture is the fabric that one chooses for upholstery and bedding. Handmade decor fabrics will attract more attention to your decor theme. Selecting a good fabric in terms of quality, colour, and decor for pillow covers, bedding and curtains will get you an inspirational Moroccan themed home.


3. Inspiration by Indian culture

Some of the highlights of this decor theme are; 

  •       Choice of colour, texture, and prints
  •       Use of handicrafts
  •       Variety of accessories and use of plants

Indian culture is diverse. If you adopt the décor theme, you must also love bright colours. Another distinct feature in Indian-themed rooms is the display of plants. Photo frames near the plants will accentuate the look of your home. Alternatively, you may use mirrors near the plants. For a touch of class, you may add unique artworks as well as part of your décor scheme. Again, Indian culture also incorporates handmade fabrics with unique Indian prints on their throw pillows, accessories such as lampshades or flower vases.


4. Victorian décor style

The most distinctive feature of this style is in the magnificent buildings. They are asymmetrical and storied. A multifaceted roof textured wall around the house and one entry porch also feature in Victorian homes. The theme originates from England and was inspired by Queen Victoria. Some of the main characteristics of this style include the use of thick and long curtains. In most Victorian themed homes, you will also find lots of porcelain accessories and cutlery. Most of their decorative items are big and have colourful motifs. The decor theme for all the items including vases and other decorative items may be inspired by the fauna which English people fancy, and the flora too. One must also invest in classy furniture as well as decorative walls. Some window decor is also appropriate since the Victorian houses have big beautiful windows. To embrace the Victorian style fully, one should also ensure they select the right fabric. Mainly their items were handmade since traditionally, women’s main task in England was to make home decor accessories. They spent most of their time at home. so, making such items was not hard.

How to know the culture that best fits you

To identify the best decor theme for your home, you should consider the following:  

  •       Your budget
  •       Accessories and furnishings
  •       Functionality
  •       Colour 
  •       Consulting a home decor professional

Nowadays, most households do not strictly follow any one particular décor theme. A décor theme in most homes will get inspiration from a combination of any of the above traditions. To know what best suits you, consider trying different decor ideas. Through professional interior decor professionals, you may get new ideas to spice up your home.