Planning A NYC Trip with Family – From Booking Accommodation To Building An Itinerary

Booking Accommodation To Building An Itinerary
Booking Accommodation To Building An Itinerary

Visiting New York City with your family can be both a dream and a stressful idea. It’s New York, the Big Apple, the ultimate destination everyone wants to visit. New York is a unique place full of attractions that would take the breath away from people of any age. But it can be challenging to plan a trip when you have to travel with your kids. Which days are the best to visit attractions spots like the Empire State Building or the Met? Can you visit it in any season? Do you find available parking places? Where should you stay? And where should you eat? Click here to see the best websites to look for apartments NYC

You are a busy bunch of travelers who love to get away from home, but when planning a trip with your kids, you’re usually picking a less busy place. Traveling with children to a crowded and buzzing pace like New York can prove challenging. But you want to have this adventure because you’re sure the city will deliver the time of your life. Well, if you already decided this is your next destination, let’s get down to the intricacies of planning the perfect family trip to the Big Apple.

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Where to stay

You can easily find child-friendly hotels in New York, but it’s challenging to find a room that fits your requirements if you don’t want to settle with a regular one. Where you book accommodation depends on which neighborhood you prefer, how many rooms you need, and how much you can afford. Midtown Manhattan is tourists’ preferred place to stay when visiting New York because it’s close to most tourist attractions and affordable for every budget. But if you want to stay in another side of Manhattan, you can also find some budget-friendly lodgings, but it may require some research.

Supposing you want to wake up and view Central Park, expect to pay some pricey fees because premium accommodation always comes with premium prices. If you are a low-key family, you may even enjoy heading over the bridge to Brooklyn.

Depending on how long you plan to stay in New York, you can also rent an apartment. Rental apartments have a good value if you spend more than three nights, and you need more than two rooms to accommodate your entire family. When you travel by car to NYC and plan to spend more than a week, it’s best to get in touch with a company that offers monthly parking New York and books a parking spot because it’s challenging to find an available spot. Parking providers have apps that allow you to book parking spots over the town to avoid the stress of failing to find a place to leave your car while visiting a tourist attraction.

For those tight on budget, Airbnb rentals are also a good solution.

Where to eat

A family trip includes more family meals. Lucky you, NYC is known for the extensive list of food options. Before leaving home, make a list of must-eats you and your family would like to try while visiting the Big Apple. We would recommend having a hot dog, a classic deli sandwich, a bodega egg and cheese on a roll, a slice of pizza, and a bagel with lox.

But the most exciting part of New York is that it’s a hub for restaurants and you can find foods from across the globe there, thanks to the high number of immigrants who opened family businesses. So, if you want to try some Mexican, Korean, or Italian dishes, this may be the perfect moment. Don’t forget to make a reservation with the restaurant because it’s challenging to find an available table during these times.

Depending on where you book accommodation, you can also make a list of restaurants where to eat because each neighborhood has something unique to offer.

Now let’s build the itinerary

Let’s assume this is the first time you visit New York; you should know that you’re traveling to a city with plenty to offer, especially to families. It’s brimming with activities, attractions, monuments, museums, amusement parks, and shopping centers. It doesn’t matter if your family is passionate about exploring the outdoors, architecture, art, or culture; you’ll definitely have a lot of fun. Here are some tourist attractions to add to your list.

– Visit galleries and museums. It’s impossible to visit all museums in New York City if you don’t live there, but you can definitely check the ones that appeal to your hobbies. From science to art and history, there are hundreds of museums to visit with your entire family. The classic destinations are the Queen’s Hall of Science, Met, American Museum of Natural History, Brooklyn Museum, and 9/11 Memorial and Museum.

– Take the children on some boat rides. Let’s not forget that NYC is surrounded by water, so there are plenty of sights to have from a boat. Get in touch with the companies that offer cruises and tours and book a trip to Staten Island.

– Don’t forget about Broadway. Broadway can be the highlight of the trip if you pick a show that appeals to your preferences. It puts on stage the best theater shows of the world, and every venue provides unique experiences.

Other things to know when planning a trip to NYC

Best time to visit – deciding when it’s best to visit the Big Apple depends on the activities you want to have. The city is a great destination 12 months a year, but each season has its advantages and disadvantages. If you want to enjoy the holiday season in New York and have a photo next to the giant Christmas tree, then visit the Big Apple during winter.

How to get around – if you travel by car, don’t forget to book parking. The place is quite busy and you won’t find an available spot, especially if you want to visit tourist attractions. Public transportation is also an option if you don’t have a car and want to get around the city fast and affordable.

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