Traveling With Your Pet – Must-Have Accessories for Holiday Road Trips

Traveling With Your Pet - Must-Have Accessories for Holiday Road Trips

Do you plan to take your furry friend with you on a road trip this holiday season? Although driving long stretches on the open road to spend holiday time with friends and family can be enjoyable, for your pet, it may provoke stress, anxiety, and other adverse reactions. That’s why it’s so important to take steps to prepare carefully before traveling with your pet this holiday season. If you’ve been browsing through a car gift guide to find accessories that could make the road trip easier for your pet, you may already know that equipping your vehicle and prepping your pet can go a long way in terms of making the road trip go smoothly. Before you hit the road, make sure to take these precautions.

Ensuring Your Pets Safety

Prior to a holiday road trip, taking steps such as installing car mats to help ensure your pet’s safety is essential. You can reduce your pet’s stress and keep him or her safe by combining preparation with training. For instance, it may be helpful to:

  • Take short car rides before a long road trip to help acclimate your pet to the feeling and help reduce the odds of car sickness
  • Bring a leash, collar, and pet ID tag with you on the trip, and consider getting your pet microchipped in case he or she gets lost
  • Plan out stops along the way so your pet can go to the bathroom and get in a little movement
  • Find a pet-friendly hotel or another lodging at your final destination
  • Research whether your destination will require your pet to get certain vaccines or take parasite medications
  • Bring small toys to keep your pet calm and entertained throughout the journey

Protect Your Car From a Wet Pet

Another factor to consider before taking your pet along for a long-distance road trip is prepping your car. Your pet may have accidents, jump into the car while wet, shed hair, and more. To shield your car from potential damage, you may want to:

  • Put in car mats throughout the car to prevent the floor from getting damaged in the event your pet should have an accident
  • Install a harness seat belt or put it in a crate so your pet can travel comfortably and securely throughout the trip
  • Keep plenty of napkins, paper towels, and cleaning supplies in the car so you can quickly clean up the car if your pet gets wet or has an accident
  • Bring a handheld, portable vacuum so you can clean pet hair out of the car after you reach your final destination

If you’re planning to hit the road to visit friends and family this holiday season and you want to bring your pet along, it’s crucial to take certain preparatory steps before you go. Road trips can sometimes provoke stress or anxiety among pets, but having the right accessories in place and doing a little bit of training before you leave can help the trip go as smoothly as possible. Try these tips to help ensure your pet’s safety for your holiday road trip.