Twin vs Full vs Queen: Which Mattress Size is Right For You

Twin vs Full vs Queen: Which Mattress Size is Right For You

The perfect mattress is very important for our well-being. This is one theory we all know and believe. The right mattress ensures the perfect sleep and the perfect sleep ensures that we have a healthy body and mind. To ensure the right mattress for you some factors need to be kept in mind. The right mattress size is one of the factors that must be acknowledged before purchasing a mattress. Not sleeping on a mattress of the right size would cause you to have multiple health problems. That is the reason you should have proper knowledge of what mattress size you need.

A Guide On The Right Mattress Size

In earlier times, people used to select mattresses based on the available stock in the nearby stores. But now, there are online stores available as well to carry out the selection process. In the online process, the consumers can look for multiple options and variants in each of the available sizes. In this fast-paced world, people hardly have time and stay busy the entire day. As a result, they get busy and stressed day by day. Therefore a healthy and comfortable mattress covering the all-round needs of the user must be accessed. A healthy and sound mattress is a necessity and therefore to fulfill this you must look for the types of mattresses and their benefits. The comfort of a mattress matters from individual to individual and therefore the selection must also be personal.

Types of Mattress:

The various types of the mattress based on size are mentioned below:

For Kids & Teens

  • Twin size mattress- 38inches wide x 75inches long
  • Twin XL size mattress- 38inches wide x 80inches long
  • Full-size mattress- 54inches wide x 74inches long
For Adults
  • Queen Size mattress- 60inches wide x 80inches long
  • King Size mattress- 76inches wide x 80inches long
  • California king size mattress – 72 inches wide x 84inches long

Selecting the right type of Mattress can prove healthy for your lifestyle as sleep energizes the body. A peaceful sleep can also work wonders for your work life as it brings composure to your life.

Now, among all the mentioned sizes, a twin-size mattress, the full-size mattress, and the queen-size mattress are the most popular ones as they can be fit in small to medium rooms along with a suitable budget. Let us understand in detail these three mattress sizes.

Twin Size Mattress

 Twin Size Mattress

A twin-size mattress is also known as a single mattress. They are the smallest size that is found in the market with a dimension of about 75 inches in length and 38 inches in width. They are suitable for single people, teens as well as rowing kids. They are mostly found in the children’s rooms and also in the dorms as well as in the guest rooms.


  • They are the smallest and cheapest available mattress.
  • They are ideal for the kids, the toddlers, and also the growing teenagers.
  • They are great for use in the bunk beds, the hostel rooms as well as in the studio apartments.


  • The teens and adults cannot adjust to this size.
  • Couples cannot accommodate there as they would be too small for two people


Full-Size Mattress

Full-Size Mattress

They are also known as double size mattresses with a dimension of about 74 inches long and 54 inches wide. They are ideal for singles with extra-long height and adults who need some extra space while they are sleeping. Full-size mattresses are also ideal for couples who need some cozy place while sleeping and also need to cuddle. But for the couples wanting more personal space for themselves on the bed, they should go for a Queen size mattress.

  • These mattresses are perfect for the taller teenagers and also the single adults wanting extra space on the bed.
  • They are best for the guest rooms, studio apartments, and also hostel dorms.
  • In a full-size mattress, you can place more accessories than in a twin bed.
  • These mattresses are not for couples who need some personal space on the bed.
  • They can be adjusted in a comparatively smaller room but they need more space than twin mattresses.
  • They are comparatively more costly than a twin-size mattress.

We have mentioned in brief the twin-size mattress and full-size mattress. We have also mentioned their features. The main point of difference between a twin and a full mattress is also mentioned further in this article.

A twin mattress measures about 38 inches by 75 inches and a growing adult and a teenager can adjust to this size. But two sleepers cannot sleep in this size. Whereas a full-size bed which is also known as a double bed measures about 54 inches by 75 inches and two adult people can adjust to this size.

Queen Size Mattress

The Queen size mattress is the biggest one among the three mattress sizes. The Queen size mattress is neither too long nor too short and can be adjusted in a medium-sized bedroom. They are ideal for single sleepers who like extra space on the bed and the couples wanting to cuddle and sleep.


  • These mattresses are perfect for couples. They are also ideal for pet parents.
  • These mattresses are also not too harsh on the pocket.
  • They are a fit for bedrooms with less space.


  • These mattresses are not for couples who have kids. This bed can either adjust two adults or a single adult and a kid.
  • They are not for the extra tall sleepers.

Twin, Full and Queen size mattresses are great options for the singles and you can choose among the three depending on if you are a single, a couple, or have kids or pets.