Two Facial Procedures That Will Give You Back Your Look

Two Facial Procedures That Will Give You Back Your Look

In the early days, people were forced to live with certain defects or problems that they didn’t like because of a lack of knowledge and the technology to improve their appearance. Those who eventually made it had to go through crazy costs with limited procedures. However, to your luck, advancement in the medical sector has ensured that you can achieve your dream image, provided that you are in the hands of an experienced and highly trained medical specialist. Among these specialists are the Arizona Ocular and Facial Plastic Surgery staff, who perform an endless variety of advanced procedures to ensure that you look and feel your best. Among these services include repairing eyelid malposition, ptosis repair, laser skin resurfacing, and facial reconstruction in Scottsdale and Peoria, Arizona. Let’s look at two of the most effective procedures among these phenomenal procedures.

  • Face and eyelid reconstruction

Moles and lesions on any part of your face are mostly removed through surgical means. After the removal, very few doctors make the effort of working on the scars left on your face. In turn, your face retains a significant scar that could make you uncomfortable and even lower your confidence. Reconstruction surgery is the go-to for anyone looking to remove such scarring on their face. Generally, two techniques are used for this reconstruction: flap and skin grafting. 

On the other hand, eyelid reconstruction defines the elimination of scarring on the eyelids after surgical removal of a mole or cancerous lesion. The procedure is performed separately from other facial reconstruction procedures because the eyelids are the most delicate parts of your face and demand special care. It is done using minimally invasive techniques which pose no risks to adjacent tissue.

  • Ptosis Repair

A weakened levator muscle may result in the drooping of the upper eyelids. This condition is known as ptosis and can cause poor sight and an aged appearance. The causes of this illness are old age, complications from corrective eye surgeries, eye injuries, and sometimes children get it from birth due to underdeveloped levator muscles. Ptosis repair is complex in that it involves tightening the muscle and reattaching it to the eyelid’s supporting structure. Therefore, the doctor performing this procedure must have a firm grasp of exactly how the procedure is done to ensure effective results without any complications. Arizona Ocular and Facial Plastic Surgery specialists perform this repair under local anesthesia. Your specialist accesses your levator muscle by making a thin incision on the lid. While tightening and reattaching, he ensures that the lid symmetry is maintained. The incision is then closed using temporary sutures.

Experience in delicate procedures, especially those involving your face, should be paramount to guarantee you effective results with no complications. The specialist handling your facial procedures should understand the influence that looks have on your entire quality of life and should, therefore, strive to provide you only the best care. Do not wander around looking for such a specialist. Visit Arizona Ocular and Facial Plastic Surgery today and access the best specialists in the field.