Types of Chronic Pain to Watch Out For

Types of Chronic Pain to Watch Out For
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Pain is not only physical but also psychological. When you are in chronic pain, you are far away from peace. Life can be disappointing and sad when you live around pain. From migraines to low back pain and neck pain, about 60 million individuals suffer from chronic pain worldwide. A comprehensive diagnosis and treatment are necessary to improve your life of quality. A pain management physician Dallas specialist Nina Sandhu offers holistic care to ease pain and improve your living. Here are among the different types of pain that Dr. Sandhu treats.

Back pain

You must have encountered back pain at some time in your life. You can agree with me. It’s no fun at all. It gets serious when the pain affects your mobility, among other functions.

Dr. Sandhu, a pain management specialist, offers advanced treatments, including rhizotomy, to relieve your pain and restore your body function.

Rhizotomy is a minimally invasive treatment that involves burning the nerves causing pain on their basis on the spinal cord. The technique enhances immediate pain relief giving long-lasting results.

Usually, the procedure occurs under anesthesia which enhances comfort. Rhizotomy works by eliminating the nerves causing pain through a heated electrode. The nerves regenerate after some time.


A migraine is worse than a headache. Migraines primarily disrupt one side of the head, and in rare cases, they occur on both sides. A migraine feels like severe throbbing pain.

Unlike headaches, migraines cause intense pain, including nausea and vomiting, increased sensitivity to sound and light, and visual problems.

Migraines may not have a specific cause; however, the following factors may trigger their existence.

  • Missed sleep
  • Anxiety
  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress
  • Genetic components
  • Lack of food

Women suffer migraines more than men. 

Your provider performs an extensive diagnosis to analyze your condition and provide customized treatments. Your diagnosis results help in finding the proper treatment for you. They may recommend behavioral therapy and Botox injections.


Arthritis affects the joints, where it causes pain, stiffness, and swelling. The condition becomes worse as you age, affecting your range of motion.

Based on the cause of your arthritis, there are treatments to manage your symptoms and improve your life quality. You may either use medications, injections, or physical therapy.

Neck pain

The neck is critical in enhancing various functions, such as moving your head in different directions. For this reason, the neck is prone to injuries, including wear and tear.

Dr. Sandhu and the team at Magnolia Pain Associates offer brain stimulation to enhance healing and pain relief.

Spinal cord stimulation works by copying the brain’s pain signals. It alters how your brain gets information by inhibiting the pain message and providing pain relief. The treatment is highly successful even in treating other types of pain.

Do not allow chronic pain to take a toll on your life. Dr. Sandhu can help you feel whole and alive again. Together with her team, they offer advanced and exceptional services to ease your pain and bring back your health. Call Magnolia Pain Associates today to schedule a consultation.