Unit Price Calculator Saves The Day

Unit Price Calculator Saves The Day

Are you lost in the shopping world? Are you tired of counting everything at every turn? Is it a nightmare to estimate a real price? Do you need help with your shopping? You buy a few things at one price and wonder how much you really pay per one? Do you want to check how much is the unit price? Now it is simple. We are here to save the day. All you need is to use the unit price calculator. There is no need to count anything. Get a smartphone out of your pocket. Turn on our website. And enjoy!

We know that shopping isn’t always a pleasure. It can be terrifying for someone, who wants to save some money. It is hard to find the best offer. Everywhere you go you can see “buy more to save money”. Shops give you the price of a few items or more than one measurement unit. And you are not able to estimate how much you really pay per one. Or sometimes you see a bargain price. You are excited and want to buy, and… you spot that it is the price per quarter kilogram. Now you don’t have to count. You are close to finding a solution. Follow the text below to make your shopping easier. Now the shopping world is your oyster.

What is the unit price and how to count it?

Unit price is how much you pay per one. One item, kilogram, one-kilowatt hour… or any of the units that exist. It depends on what you want to buy. Or what do you want to check?

How to find the unit price? You need to divide the total cost by the number of units and it equals the unit price. Let’s see how it works.

For example you have a price per quarter kilogram of pistachio. You want to find how much you would have to pay per one kilogram.

price per kilogram=price per quarter kilogram/quarter kilogram

price per quarter kilogram: 6$

quarter in decimal: 0.25

price per kilogram=6$/0.25

price per kilogram=24$

Second example: you pay a lot of money for electric energy. You get the bill: 55$ per 31 kilowatt hours. How to find a price of 1 kWh?

price per one kWh=total bill/amount of used kilowatt-hours

total bill: 55$

used electrical energy: 31 kWh

price per one kWh=55$/31kWh

price per one kWh=1.77$

Unit price calculator in practice

Unit price calculator is a simple tool. There is no need to know math well. You don’t have to do anything. Let us do it for you. You have come so far. You are here, on your website. Let us make your life easier. Take advantage of our calculator.

To use the tool described above, you need to know what you want to count. It is necessary to know the total price. You also have to know the number of units of what you want to check. For example, 3 tons of coal, 7 cubic decimeters of water etc. You write in those parameters and you get the result.

That is all you need to do. Now you are able to check anything at any time. Don’t hesitate. Take your smartphone. Turn on the unit price calculator and take pleasure from this possibility. It was made to save your time. It was made special for you!

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