Mark Roemer Oakland Assess the Pros and Cons of Using a Marble Countertop for Your Kitchen

Mark Roemer Oakland Assess the Pros and Cons of Using a Marble Countertop for Your Kitchen

Marble is a material that instantly makes your room look grand and elegant. According to Mark Roemer Oakland, marble has been used by artists to make wonders since ancient times and there’s no reason it can’t be in your kitchen. However, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s check out the pros and cons of a marble countertop:


  1. They look amazing – This is one of the most obvious advantages of a marble countertop. The pristine white surface along with a few lines of imperfections makes it look gorgeous in any room and as a countertop, it takes the stage as the showstopper. It’s the perfect focal point for your kitchen and provides great contrast depending on the rest of the color theme of the kitchen.
  1. They’re made from natural materials – Despite their seemingly elusive nature, marble is found all over the world, in some parts of Asia and Europe. However, the most famous and prestigious variant comes from Italy. That’s why you can find numerous variants of marble across different price ranges. The cool smooth surface feels incredible to the touch and adds sophistication to your kitchen. You also invite an element of nature when you bring marble into your home.
  1. It can raise the value of your property – Marble is a long-lasting product. It can last you for generations if you properly care for it. Maintain your marble countertop in a good condition and it will fetch you a higher value for your home when you want to move to a different place. A well-maintained marble countertop makes a heavy impression on potential buyers and also tells them the previous homeowner was a careful and diligent one who kept things neat and in pristine condition. Realtors would also take advantage of the marble countertop and other stone elements in your home to upsell your property so that they can earn a higher commission.


  1. It’s expensive – Marble symbolizes luxury and luxury doesn’t come cheap. However as mentioned before, marble is found in a lot of places and hence comes in wide varieties and price tags. So, if you know where to look, you can find an incredible product without breaking the bank. But the pristine pure white marble countertop that shines and glistens perfectly is going to be very expensive.
  1. It’s heavy – If you think of yourself as a capable homeowner who likes to DIY everything, think again. Marble is ridiculously heavy. And a large piece that would act as a countertop would break the backs of even the most capable bodybuilder. If you want to DIY your countertop with marble, it’s best to stick to tiles. They are smaller and can be installed by one person. However, you still need to account for the massive weight and make sure your counter is sturdy enough.


Mark Roemer Oakland suggests that you know all the pros and cons of marble as a countertop material before the purchase.


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