The present condition of several events, celebrations, and festivals across the world has been changed due to the scenario of COVID-19. The gathering of people and celebrating any moment together has taken a turn and converted into a digital platform. We can see that 2020 has become an era of the rise of digital seminars, webinars, concerts, theatrical productions, and even parties on auspicious occasions. But hold on, are we missing out on very important something here? Yes, we are. Due to the Covid-19 scenario and safety measures, several weddings have been postponed while even the pre-wedding celebration or the celebration of singlehood can also be seen forgotten. You do not have to worry as we have gathered up a pack of fun for you. Many of the bride’s best friends have come up with an idea to celebrate their to-be bride’s special bachelorette occasion virtually! Sounds weird or you may even have a question that how can someone without a vacation or getting together, celebrate the bachelorette party? While several lovers have been seen going down on their knees to propose to their girlfriends virtually, we have seen bachelorette parties being held virtually too. Keep your spirit high, as we have summed up a bucket of the list with amazing ideas for virtual bachelorette party ideas that can be held amid COVID-19 for your safety! Do not forget the bachelorette party decorations too!

Virtual Platform as Your Destination

As we all know that now the condition does not allow us to travel somewhere or hold a huge gathering. Social distancing has been a major precaution to be taken to stay safe. We know that you might have planned so many things for your bachelorette party and even fixed the vacation destination. No worries, a virtual online platform can help you join a group video call to host your party. Even though you cannot meet your girlfriends personally, you got an amazing choice to enjoy virtual parties through video chats!

Send Goodies and Spoil the Bride

As the bride’s best friend, you can build up a surprising goodie bag for your brides before the virtual bachelorette weekend. You can get the goodie bag delivered to her so that she can party in a special theme with accessories too. You can also send some of the bridal shower decoration items along with the bag to make her party space look glamorous.

Make Cocktail or Mocktail Together

After all the virtual party is no less than a normal party, and any party without a happy hour seems dull! You can get amazing online cocktail making classes together with the girl gang and send supplies along with ingredients to party guests so that they can make the perfect cocktail. You can first ask the choice of their drinks before sending an ingredient.

What About Matching Outfits?

Get some time enough for planning so that you can send each girl of your group a gift of something that matches to be worn for your virtual party. It is best to purchase matching outfits before a week of the event. You can get matching lounge wears or kimonos that have similar color codes or prints on them. Not comfortable with loungewear? Get something comfy according to your party theme.

A Surprise Video

How about sending the bride-to-be a sentimental video? Get all the members of your squad record quick video clips sharing the best memory with the bride-to-be. Collect snippets and edit them amazingly. You can share the video while on your virtual party so that everyone can watch it and cherish their old days.

At-Home Pampering Salon

If it is a bachelorette party then what is the use of it if it is without self-care and self-pampering session? We know amid Covid-19 lockdown, spas and salons are restricted but how about we suggest you create your spa at home. It is not that too tough girl! Get all beauty essentials, see videos of nail arts online if you do not know how to deal with it, and get your manicure and pedicure done yourself. Use this amazing opportunity to glam yourself up!

Chillin’ and Netflix’in

Get your girl squad together virtually on an online video session and make a list of movies that you love to watch together. Pick random movies from your list if you are struggling to decide one to watch or can-do turn by turn too. Make the best moment all the time in the world together and watch your movie time together. Missing something? Grab some popcorns, nachos, and your beverage too!

How About Bachelorette Party Games?

A bachelorette party and without entertaining games? How can this be possible? So, girls, you can play some exciting games virtually too. You can add spice to your excitement through some of the games such as “Never Have I Ever” which are so in trend for the parties. You can also play some truth or dare games and enjoy your time together.

A Personal Video Appearance from the Groom

Don’t get freaked out about the idea of the appearance of the groom all of a sudden during the girl squad party. We do not mean that the groom will be the party of the virtual party. You can get a funny touch to the party by recording a video of the groom answering some funny questions. We are sure that the bride will get warm listening to her groom and show some excitement for the party.

Planning a virtual bachelorette party is filled with fun which you can’t even imagine. There can be nothing that can give a pause to your fun and excitement when you along with your girl squad come together be it virtually or physically. For party ideas, you can also organize some interesting competitions. We hope that our tips and ideas can help in guiding you to host an amazing and unforgettable virtual bachelorette party. Make sure to add glamour and elegance to your virtual party with the addition of some bride to be decorations.