Vivazen: Brand Benefits and Product Highlights

Vivazen: Brand Benefits and Product Highlights

Vivazen is at the top of the Kratom market, standing at number one for Kratom shots in America. Vivazen boasts all-natural proprietary blends that are supercharged to help users fight their wellness woes. Vivazen Kratom shots are used to find relief from chronic pain, anxiety, lack of energy, low motivation, and focus issues, as well as a defense against daily stress. Vivazen, over the years, has truly earned its #1 spot, with thousands of users returning 5-star reviews from their Vivazen Kratom experience.

The teams of scientists and researchers at Vivazen have put their hearts and souls into the ingredients list within their Kratom shots. Their herbs and botanicals are some of the most powerful on the market today and Vivazen has formulated them to create a synergy within their ingredients. The ingredients within their Kratom shots don’t just optimize the effectiveness of the Kratom within their products, but also ensure their users are receiving optimal wellness effects from their Kratom shots.

Vivazen has formulated specific products for women, first-time Kratom users, and multiple extra-strength formulations for experienced Kratom users or people in need of intense pain relief.

All Vivazen Kratom shots have been scientifically tested for safety and are created in FDA and GCMP compliant facilities, so when you buy Vivazen, you can do so with confidence that the products you’re getting are safe and of premium quality.

Whatever your reason for diving into the world of Kratom relief, Vivazen has an easy, convenient, and effective solution for you.

Authentic Original Kratom Shot

This product contains a “regular-strength” dosage of Kratom. Their proprietary blend within this formulation combines Kratom extracts with powerful botanicals such as Willow Bark, Yohimbe Bark, Valerian Root, Passion Flower, Vitamin C, Panax Ginseng, and more.

Together those herbs and botanicals enhance the already-powerful Kratom extract and deliver a sense of calm, ease, and well-being for the user. Vivazen Authentic Original Kratom shots contain just over 40 mg of Kratom extract per bottle. Each individually wrapped bottle contains two servings for the user, making it not just convenient, but cost-effective as well.

These Kratom shots are said to deliver minor pain relief, ease stress, enhance mood and focus, strengthen immunity, and restore the body from the inside out.

2X Extra Strength Kratom Shot

Vivazen’s 2X Extra Strength Kratom shot is their top-selling product and with good reason. This Kratom shot is unmatched in quality and scientifically proven for effectiveness. Formulated in 2010, this Kratom shot has thousands of users singing its praises.

Proven to minimize chronic aches and pain, users are getting their lives back because of this product. As an alternative to conventional pharmaceutical painkillers, this Kratom shot enables users to eliminate the pain without the side effects or fear of dependency.

Vivazen’s proprietary blend for 2X Extra Strength contains over 80 mg of quality Kratom strains as well as a blend of those highly-effective botanicals.

This product is made in the USA and manufactured at the highest standards so users can enjoy this Kratom shot knowing they’ve purchased some of the best Kratom on the market

Women’s Health Kratom Shot

As one of the newest products in the Vivazen lineup, Women’s Health is taking the Kratom market by store. This product is the first of its kind, formulated specifically for women, and addresses some of the ailments that plague women today.

Women’s Health Kratom shot has been formulated with Chaste Tree Berry extract which has been known for centuries to treat the problems and pain associated with the menstrual cycle, premenstrual syndrome, and menopause. Chaste tree berries may help stimulate progesterone. Chaste Tree Berry has also been said to normalize estrogen and progesterone and other hormones, making this Kratom shot a brilliant choice for women.

Vivazen’s Women’s Health Kratom shot contains over 40 mg of Kratom strain extract and only 2g of sugar per serving.

2X Concentrate Kratom Shot

This Kratom shot is sure to be a hit among users. The list of reasons why people love this coffee flavored Kratom concentrate is evident. Jam-packed with premium energy for energy, focus,pain relief, and overall well being, these convenient Kratom shots are sure to deliver.

Low in sugar and high in Vitamin C, the 2X Concentrate Kratom shot has become a go-to support for thousands of Kratom users.

Not sure about the flavor? Vivazen offers a complete money-back guarantee on all of their products so you can test it out without any risks.


Ultimate is Vivazen’s boldest product yet.

Vivazen’s Ultimate Kratom shot offers 80 mg of Kratom per bottle. To say that customers rave about this product is an understatement. Boasting tons of 5-star reviews, this product sets users up for a day where they can thrive.

Fast-acting pain relief, feel-good energy and optimism, less anxiety and stress, what more could you ask for?

Vivazen’s Ultimate Kratom shot is effective, safe, and designed to enable the user to regain their vitality so they can live their best life.

Vivazen’s Commitment

Whatever product you choose, you can purchase in confidence, knowing that Vivazen stands behind every one of their products. They have committed to the highest level of manufacturing quality as well as sourcing premium ingredients to produce Kratom products that will revitalize users, and optimize their daily results.

Vivazen is so sure you’re going to love their products that they offer a 100% money-back guarantee on anything purchased.

Don’t be fooled into investing in low quality Kratom. Vivazen is accessible, fast-acting, cost effective, and the choice product when users are searching for Kratom shots. Trust us, they hold that #1 spot on the list for a reason.