Water Softeners: A Boon Or Curse?

Water Softeners: A Boon Or Curse?

Sitting on a rainy day, while sipping your hot cup of coffee, a random thought might strike your mind. Why are people inclined so much towards the water softening process? You must be wondering, why is it a topic of discussion among many people? Well, the answer to that is simple: we live in a time when things are rapidly changing. Unfortunately, the quality of water is not devoid of the ongoing change. With the rapid growth in the industrial sector, the water gets polluted each day.

Furthermore, the water that we consume, use for domestic purposes is slowly becoming high in mineral levels. The high contents of minerals are affecting the livelihood of people as a whole. Go ahead and have a look at water softener for home, available online on multiple websites. Before you choose the well-suited softener for your home, have a look at the basics of water softening.

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Looking At The Basics

The biggest help you could do is help your soul by having a clean and healthy environment around your home. Water softening, helps you keep your environment and your body healthy.

  • Soft water is being achieved by using lime softening or ion-exchange resins. But there is a visible change in the process by increased use of nanofiltration and reverse osmosis
  • The removal of unnecessary calcium, mineral, and other metal cations in hard water, makes the cleaning effortless
  • The soap is not wasted while creating a bond with calcium ions
  • Soft water helps in extending the lifetime of plumbing by reducing scale buildup in fittings and pipes.

What Are The Methods Of Softening Water?

While talking about water softeners for washing machines, let us have a thorough look at the methods involved. There are certain methods that are directly linked with the chemical techniques, while some of the processes involve simple home-friendly techniques. Have a look!

  • Reverse Osmosis: Reverse Osmosis purifies the water or removes high mineral content, including sodium, using a semi-permeable membrane to overcome osmotic pressure to rectify the hardness of the water. The membranes of this water filter require regular cleaning or replacement of the same, as and when required
  • Washing Soda method: This method follows a technique that uses the required amount of washing soda for treating the presence of chlorides, sulfates of magnesium, and calcium as their respective carbonates final precipitation
  • Goodbye to chemicals: Another great way of water softening or water conditioning that does not work on the ion exchange technique of removing minerals. But it will reduce the amount of lime formation on your washing machine
  • Ion exchange: Traditionally, water softener used for soft water conversion depends on ion-exchange resin, which filters out the high level of mineral content like magnesium and calcium and replaces it with sodium or potassium ions. Typically, the water wasted from ion exchange with high levels of calcium and magnesium gets discharged into the sewage system

Locating The Right Water Softener

The washing machine at your home deserves the best water softener if you wish to enhance its productivity. The current market is competition-based, and it is crucial to have an eye on the trend going on around us. Before finalizing a product, compare products from at least two different companies. To get a quality product, you should look for established companies that provide proper business and information regarding the product. In addition, you should have a good look at the types of controls, service provided, regeneration cycle, and proper warranty on resin tank and the control valve is equally pivotal.

The need for installation will be fulfilled by a regular plumber or by some special factory technicians should be initially understood. It would be beneficial to remove the unwanted hassle if it is identified at the beginning of the purchase. You should also look for certified products. The certification would ensure the credibility of the water treatment product. The certificate would validate the industry standards claimed by the manufacturer.

Features Of Softener

Before you step ahead and gift yourself the experience of divinity, become aware of its features and controls. It is very important to have a look at the controls. Like what controls the regeneration of the water cycle, the time required to cover each cycle or the amount of salt and water needed in the process of recharging. Some of the technologies used in water softening are:

  • The timer controls: The automatic timers recharge the unit at the adjusted time based on the average consumption amount. If the eater usage exceeds, this process might fail short of evaluation
  • Softener Controls: Demand-initiated regeneration is the polished way that senses the need for resin recharge either electronically or with a manual means of measuring the usage. It is a smart way of regeneration, as it regenerates when necessary. It helps in providing large water usage


The decision to buy a water softener could be important for your home. Look carefully at the manuals provided and buy accordingly. With installing a good water softener, a healthy and considerable environment will be generated over time. A water softener would ensure a high productivity level of your appliances with no formation of unwanted scaling in them. The most important task is to keep hard water at bay from your appliances, clothes, and skin. So have a good look at the products and purchase the product, now.