What Is The Cheapest Way Of Getting Rid Of Junk

What Is The Cheapest Way Of Getting Rid Of Junk
What Is The Cheapest Way Of Getting Rid Of Junk

We can argue about many things found inside houses, but one thing that’s certain is every home having junk. Too much clutter accumulation at home not only creates disorder but also affects your productivity. That’s why it’s imperative to hire a junk removal service to help you clear the clutter.

Often, people want to remove clutter from their homes. However, the challenge arises in the disposal technique. Whether it’s a furniture removal Sydney service, donation or re-selling, there are tons of junk removal methods. Trouble is that some of them are expensive to use. Here are the cheapest ways you can use to get rid of junk:


Organize a Garage Sale

Garage sales help people sell almost anything, so long as it’s legal. Liaise with your estate or neighbourhood to check if they have a date for garage sales. In case they don’t, you can still fix your own.

What you think is junk may be exactly what someone else is looking for. Besides, your target is junk removal, regardless of how you achieve it. The plus side is that you will add something to your wallet.


List the Item Online

Perhaps you may only fail to sell a bag of used diapers online – anything else will go. Just make sure that you take sufficient and clear pictures for interested buyers. Also, as you are targeting junk removal, you don’t have to overprice the items.

Choose any online platform dealing in second-hand items, such as Craigslist. You are definitely going to find someone interested in your stuff.



Why not get rid of the junk through a donation? At least this way, you’ll be happy knowing that your contribution has impacted society. When donating stuff, make sure that they’re in good condition. Most charitable organizations check this when receiving the items, as they’ll resell them. Some organizations will even offer to pick up the items themselves, thus, saving you the transportation hustle.

The upside of using donation for junk removal is that aside from saving money, you can earn a relief. Yes, donations are deducted from your taxes. Therefore, store all the receipts or information relating to the donation safely until it’s needed.


Opt for a Curbside Junk Removal

For most towns and cities, the local government organizes curbside pickups for different junk items. You can take advantage of this to take your junk to the curbside for pickup. This should especially help if your item doesn’t fit in the dumpster.


Contact a Junk Removal Company

When you have junk and are too lazy or held up to dispose of it yourself, call a junk removal company. Plenty of them exist nowadays, and it’s guaranteed that you won’t miss one that’ll haul away your items.

After doing your research well and settling on one, contact them through their website or via a call. Be as detailed as possible when describing the type and size of junk you have. This information helps them to craft an estimated price. Nevertheless, the final quotation comes after they’re on-site and have cleared your junk. It would help if you checked their disposal techniques to ensure that they don’t hurt the environment whilst getting rid of junk.


Rent a Dumpster

Dumpster rentals have become so common among city and town dwellers. They are convenient and easy to use for junk removal. Simply order the container from a junk removal service, fill it, and call them to haul it away. Again here, you’ll need to be detailed as this will help them determine the size of the dumpster you need.

The advantage of renting a dumpster is that it’s an inexpensive method. In addition, you’ll have ample time to sort out the junk from the items you need, as they give you a period of about seven days.

Depending on your residential location and the size of junk that you have, you might part with anything in the region of $120 to $1,400. A pro tip is to avoid filling the dumpster to the brim, as this might result in extra charges.


Give it to Interested Friends and Family

Some of your friends and family members might be eyeing the stuff you call junk. To them, the items may have some significant value. So, why not give it to them for free. Besides, since you’re looking to get rid of the item, this method helps you do that at no cost.

Try suggesting the items to them as a by the way, and not directly, so that you’re sure they are interested.


Set it on the Roadside with a Free Sign

This should only be your last junk removal resort. Take the item to the roadside and place a ‘free’ sign on it. Those interested will come and pick it. Just be sure to put it where it doesn’t block any traffic movement.


Final Thoughts

In quick summary, these cheap junk removal methods can help you get rid of that annoying item inside your house. Try them out and see if they work for you.