Ways That you Can Improve the Quality of your Parents’ Lives

Ways That you Can Improve the Quality of your Parents’ Lives

There are many positive aspects to Thai culture and one is the way Thai people take care of their parents as they grow older. Having a deep respect for your elders is embedded in Thai society and this is reflected in the family-oriented culture that exists in this Southeast Asian country. Indeed, in Thai culture, the grandparents take care of their grandchildren while both parents work, which helps the family unit to make money. If you are raising a family and are looking for ways to help your parents, here are some great ideas.

  • Make Regular Visits – If your parents live upcountry, make sure you go home at least a couple of times a year (Songkran and New Year). This is something that your parents will really look forward to and during long weekend breaks, you can plan a trip and spend a few days at your parents’ home.
  • Supported Living – You could find a nursing home in Bangkok from a leading elderly care provider with several locations in the city. Most people are reluctant to say when they need some support at home; when you visit your parents, take note of how they manage and if you think they need support in their daily lives, why not arrange for them to stay in supported accommodation?
  • Financial Assistance – If your mom and dad no longer have an income, you should send them what you can each month to ease their burden. Some elderly people are incredibly independent and proud and would never ask their children for money, but as they sacrificed a lot in raising you, you can do the right thing by supporting them with some money every month to cover living expenses.
  • Buy Them a Smartphone – Most elderly people are not IT savvy, but with a little tuition, you can show your dad how to make a video call and this provides an audio-video link for you to stay in contact. VoIP communication is free; all you need is a VoIP application like Zoom or Skype and a stable Internet connection. You can set a time and day when you call your parents and knowing that they are well will bring you peace of mind. Here are a few tips for those with sleeping problems, which can have an impact on your overall health & well-being.
  • Surprise Holidays – Even old people love surprises and you could plan a weekend away at a 5-star resort and drive down to pick up your mom and dad, telling them to prepare an overnight bag. Take them to a nice coastal resort where they will wait on hand and foot and when it’s all over, you can return them to their home, recharged and rejuvenated.
  • Natural Healthcare Products – You could order a bottle of CBD oil from an online supplier and have it delivered to mom and dad. A couple of drops under the tongue every morning do wonders for your health, which is why so many older people take CBD oil on a daily basis. You could put a gift package together with health food supplements and present it to your mom on Mother’s Day.

Wherever you are in Thailand, please check with the Thai government regarding Covid-19 travel restrictions, which could change at a minute’s notice.

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