Ways to Increase the Donations to Your Charity Organization

Ways to Increase the Donations to Your Charity Organization
source: hrblock.com

From the coronavirus pandemic to the recent escalation in events in Ukraine to the cost-of-living crisis, it often seems the world around us has never been more uncertain. However, while many of us are battening down the hatches and looking towards pure self-preservation, there has been a growing trend globally for populations to reach out and try to help beleaguered citizens – commonly in the form of charitable donations.

No matter the reason you want to raise money for a chosen cause, if you want to make a real difference to a situation that’s important to you, below are some proven methods that could help you generate additional funds.

Set up a page

Over the last twenty years or so, there has been a huge growth in charity-oriented content management systems (CMSs) and e-commerce platforms that will allow you to take donations yet only incur very small management fees. Moreover, these organizations will also help you better promote your aims so you can attract greater footfall and promote your charity.

Link your page to social media

We’re all familiar with the idea of ‘going viral’, but even on a smaller scale, the potential reach and penetration of social media could see you tapping into audiences far beyond the scale you could ever achieve in real life. Clearly, the main services like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram should be high up your list, but also don’t forget the smaller networks like Pinterest or LinkedIn. Depending on your particular charity, these may well prove the perfect marketing vehicle. Also, when you’re talking purely in terms of numbers, it’s suggested the average Facebook user has around 338 friends – meaning if just one FB subscriber shares your post, you could be seen by an additional 338 people (and the same applies if another user does the same and shares your content).

Maximize the ways you can accept donations

Just like so many other aspects of modern life, the web and tech have utterly transformed the banking industry, with many operators now running services that are independent of the traditional big service providers like Visa, Mastercard, etc. Indeed, it’s even now possible to make payments virtually via an email address, cell phone number, or contactless using just your cell phone. Look around for the best way to collect donations online, such as with companies like Omella – plus other ways (including offline services like NFT payments).

If you maximize the number of ways people can donate, you’ll make it far more likely they’ll be willing to part with their cash.

Kickstart proceedings by approaching your friends

Psychologists have known for many years that we tend to be drawn to – and stick around – people with interests similar to our own. If you’re looking for a tried and tested way to get your cause off the ground, you could do a lot worse than approach the people you know for help. Chances are, if they’re good friends, they’ll likely share a similar interest or passion in what you’re doing and what you hope to achieve.