Ways To Love Your Natural Hair

Ways To Love Your Natural Hair
Ways To Love Your Natural Hair

Ways To Love Your Natural Hair: We all have our hang-ups. We all have days where we don’t like what we see. And we all think we have bad hair days. Learning to love yourself is a long process, and part of that journey is loving your natural hair. 

As #BlackLivesMatter is coming to the forefront of conversations, discussions are increasing in the representation of natural hair in the media. All Things Hair knows the importance of voicing self-love and particularly when it comes to natural hair within the industry. They are using our platform to share an important message and educate people on how to compliment people with natural hair. And with this, you should love your natural hair too! 

Gone are the days where you flat iron your hair to fit in. Now more than ever is the best time to embrace your curls and volume. Have fun with it, experiment, and rock it!


Stop The Dangerous Treatments 

As we have just mentioned, step away from the flat iron and give your hair a break. Stop all chemical treatments and truly take care of your hair. You are frazzling and damaging your hair, making it prone to breakage. Give your hair a lot more TLC, and stop trying to smooth your amazing curls. If you do want to smoothen your hair, use keratin treatments that are a lot safer on your hair – it even strengthens your hair!


Sort Through Your Instagram Feed 

It’s 2020, and we spend a lot of time on our phones. A LOT! And in the Golden Age of social media, we spend plenty of time scrolling on Instagram. If the people you follow make you feel bad or uncomfortable, now’s the time to press “Unfollow”. If the accounts you follow make you feel like your natural hair is undesirable, then please take them off your feed. Your love for your natural hair starts from within, and if your relationship with your natural hair is fractured, you need to glue the pieces back together.


Choose Your Salon Carefully 

You should feel at least with the salon you choose. At the end of the day, you and your hairstylist have got to have a great relationship to create amazing results. Don’t feel obliged to go to a natural hair salon just to receive the right treatment. It’s 2020, and you shouldn’t be limited in choice just because of your hair type! Instead, do your research – lookup reviews, take a peek at their social media and choose one that has the right look for you. A good haircut can make you fall back in love with your natural hair and refresh your look, it’s quite the confidence boost!


Luxurious-Feeling Treatments 

You know that feeling when you leave the salon and you feel like a new person? That’s how you should feel every day! Treat your hair to luxurious-feeling treatments… Just because they make your hair feel silky and soft, doesn’t mean that it has to cost a fortune!

Celebrate your curls by taking care of the – deep conditioners will revolutionize your hair and give it moisture. These kinds of treatments redefine your curls and are also perfect for those of you that have already chemically-treated your natural hair in the past. It can really repair some of the damage!


Keep It Natural 

Wearing your hair in its natural state is incredibly good for it. It will dramatically improve your hair’s texture – your hair thrives when it’s natural and it grows quicker! Your hair also thickens when you’re not experimenting with super harsh chemicals. Do you know those incredible bouncy curls that you admire? Well, if you keep your hair natural, you too can have envy-inducing curls, you too will turn heads.


Become Part of the Community 

The beauty of the internet is to meet people with the same lifestyle and worries. Create connections with people facing the same hair woes and build each other up, inspire each other, and give each other confidence. Use Instagram productively – give each other hair advice, recommend your favorite brands, and learn new hairstyles to get creative with your natural hair.


Experiment With Hairstyles 

Wearing your hair naturally doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with a few hairstyles. In fact, your jaw-dropping curls give your hairstyles with texture and volume. You will love accessorizing your looks with cute hair clips and headbands. So what are the go-to hairstyles with ladies with natural hair? Well, you’ve got a lot of choices, but here are just a few of our favorites… 

  • The messy bun: with curls, your hair can look even edgier and casual – perfect for a messy bun. Use a hairbrush to pull your hair into a ponytail, before twisting it around the base and securing it with a hair tie and bobby pins. And voilà! Perfection!

  • Bantu knots: if you want to redefine your curls, then creating Bantu knots is the way to go. Start with damp and combed hair, before separating the hair into several sections. Apply curl cream to each section before twisting your hair into a coil against your scalp. Fix it all in place with bobby pins and repeat on all sections. Place a shower cap and leave overnight to reveal bouncy curls.

  • The sleek low bun: we love the sleek low bun for its glamorous and chic feel. It’s simple and easy to do if you’re on the go! It takes you from desk to dinner! Just create a ponytail towards the nape of your neck and wind it around its base and secure with bobby pins and a hair tie. Simple, hassle-free, and perfect for those days where you’re feeling a little less confident!


Don’t Over-wash 

Last but not least, one of the ways you can show your hair some love is by not over-washing it. One of the advantages of having natural hair is that you don’t have to wash it as much as other hair types. You only need to wash it every week or every two weeks to avoid dry, brittle hair. Use an adapted shampoo and conditioner for your hair type on wash day and prepare to be amazed by your salon-quality hair!