What Are the Benefits of a Digital Detox?

What Are the Benefits of a Digital Detox?

Your phone lights up with a notification. You barely let it sit for a second before you answer it. You might as well check your social media for a few minutes while you’re at it, right?

Twenty minutes go by of you sitting on your couch scrolling through your phone. This is an everyday affair for you. Instead of getting things done, you sit behind your phone.

It sounds like it might be time for you to take a digital detox. This will give you the chance to put down the phone for a while to get back in touch with the world around you. Keep reading to learn the benefits.

Feel Calmer

Technology can help put you in a healthy mental state. Brain entrainment is one good example of this. Too much tech can be a little stressful, though.

While you have your phone on you, you’ll have this overwhelming urge to check it. As we’ll discuss later, your phone can also disrupt your sleeping patterns. When you can’t sleep, your ability to handle stressful situations is hindered.

If you stay plugged in to check the news, you’ll always be surrounded by the horrible things going on in the world. To say that this can put your mental health in shambles is an understatement.

Get Things Done

Scrolling through your phone liking people’s Insta posts takes up a ton of time. So much time, in fact, that you’ve slipped up on your chores and other duties.

Take a 24-hour detox challenge. Use the time that you’re not using your phone to get things done. You’ll feel a lot less stressed once all your chores are out of the way.

Feel More Confident About Yourself

One of your Facebook friends has recently started a new job and bought a second car. You’re still paying off your hunk of junk while working the daily grind in retail.

Their success has started to make you feel like you’re lesser. This is a common occurrence when you’re attached to social media the way that you are. The best way to get your confidence back and make way for a healthy mind is to put your device down.

Get a Better Night’s Sleep

When it’s time for you to wind down at night, your body releases melatonin. By using your phone, you’ll confuse your brain. The bright light will keep you going.

You won’t be able to settle down and fall asleep. Over time, this will have a negative effect on your mental and physical health. By doing a digital detox, you’ll find that you do a lot less rolling around at night.

Start Your Digital Detox Today

Do you spend a lot of your time sitting on your couch scrolling through your phone? Take a digital detox challenge and put your device down for a day.

Doing so will help you sleep, you won’t be as stressed throughout the day, and you’ll get a lot more done. So, what are you waiting for?

Taking a digital detox isn’t the only way to take care of your mental health. Visit our blog to learn more.