What are the Common Services Offered by Land Use Lawyers in Olympia, WA?

What are the Common Services Offered by Land Use Lawyers in Olympia, WA?
source: calendarsnews.com

Land use lawyers in Olympia, WA, will provide their clients with a full range of services. These services might help individuals, businesses, and other organizations develop their land-use plans, or they may protect existing rights while maintaining the environmental qualities of the land. The common types of services offered by a land use attorney in Olympia, WA include zoning permits, zoning variances, and land use litigation.

You can consult a land use lawyer in Olympia, WA, to help you with zoning permits. These professionals will help you select the zoning classification that fits your property and then assist you with applying for the zoning permit. Planning for new construction or development is an important aspect of land use. You might want to consult a land use lawyer to ensure that your land is zoned appropriately. In addition, landowners may be able to modify their existing zoning permits. A reputable attorney can help you understand your options so that you can make an informed decision about the modifications that should be made to your property.

We will now see into the common services offered by land use lawyers.

1. Zoning permits

Zoning permits are important in the Olympia, WA economy. Zoning laws are based on the intent of the community, and therefore, zoning permits are crucial in providing a clear understanding of what type of land use is allowed on a property. A zoning permit allows you to operate certain types of land uses on your property. For example, if you own an orange grove, it would be against the law to run an orange processing plant on that land. If your zoning permit classifies your orange grove as agricultural land use, you would be exempt from this requirement. Land use attorneys can help you understand what type of zoning permits are required for various land uses.

2. Zoning variances

Zoning variances are a necessity. Your land use attorneys in Olympia, WA, will help you understand the process for obtaining zoning variances. In addition, they can tell you about the various types of zoning variances that are available to you and your land use activities. Some zoning variances will require planning commission approval, while others do not. Your land use attorney can explain to you the different types of zoning variances and how to obtain them.

3. Land use litigation

If you feel that the land use authorities have violated your rights, you can file a lawsuit in court against these authorities. The only way you can legally challenge an unlawful zoning permit is by filing a lawsuit in the right court. Land use litigation might be necessary if you feel that your interests have been injured by the actions of the local government or other individuals involved in the land-use process.