Farming is one of the earliest professions that led to the modern civilization you enjoy today. Farmers always had to face challenges and evolve their craft to cope with the changing world. But these days, the farmers face more significant and complex hurdles that are difficult to overcome. Continue reading this article to learn more about the limitations a farmer in America faces in order to grow crops and sell the same to the marketplace.

Global Warming: It is best to rely on what scientists say when it comes to sensitive topics like global warming. An ex-president and businessman may deny the existence of the rising warmth of the earth, but the proof is definitely in the pudding. A person living in the heart of the city might not realize the drastic change in the climate, but people living on farms do, as they are more in tune with nature. The season changes can be experienced fully in a rural setting as nature is not restricted by the high rises.

  • Change in the Ozone layer and greenhouse gases affect the outcome of farming in a big way. Farmers rely on the natural temperature to grow certain things. Therefore, if the entire setup is somehow upset and the weather fails to provide what it’s supposed to, the farmers have no way to grow crops on a larger scale.
  • Crops are usually planted in a rotational shift throughout the year. If one crop fails to perform the way it should due to climate change, it may affect the harvest time and the farming practice.

Disruption In Trade Network: Many crops are grown, keeping the demand in mind. For example, a farmer in Indiana may grow corn in acres of field, knowing very well that a company will buy his crops in Texas. Now, if the said company does not fulfill its end of the promise and buys the crops on time, the farmer in Indiana might have a hard time finding a different buyer in time.

  • Food items are difficult to store for a more extended period because they tend to rot faster. Therefore, many a time, landowners and farmers find it difficult to sell their produce to the market.
  • Dispute regarding the market trade is nothing new in the agricultural sector. In court, farmers may employ an agriculture lawyer to get the justice they deserve. These lawyers, specialized in handling unique farming cases, know how to deal with difficult situations.

The Food Crisis: Studies show more and more regions are turned into farmlands for animals. The obsession with eating beef and dairy products is costing America significantly. Forests are cleared off to make room for animal farms and dairy farms. The meatpacking industry is now using lands that were previously used to cultivate food. Therefore, farmers are having a hard time producing enough food to feed the hungry. Thus, the prices of green leafy vegetables keep on growing up on a regular basis.

COVID-19 Crisis: The COVID-19 crisis made the process of growing and selling produce even harder. The global pandemic affected all industries, but it has somehow paralyzed the farmers in America, who have lost a considerable amount of crops and ready produce due to the shutdown of the transportation system.