What Do Podcast Producers Do?

What Do Podcast Producers Do?
source: resonaterecordings.com

Podcasts are growing in popularity; there are now over 48 million podcast episodes.

Not only a great way to show thought leadership in your industry, but podcasts are also a fantastic marketing tool.

You may have the ideas and the drive to make a podcast, but do you know how to produce it? To create a professional, slick podcast, you did some experience in production. That’s where podcast producers come in.

But what exactly does the producer do? What skills do they have? Read on to find out.

1. Editing the Podcast

One of the most critical roles of the podcast producer is post-production. Once all the material for the podcast has been recorded, it needs to be stitched together.

The bloopers need cutting, and the production needs polishing by audio editors. These audio production elements need skill and precision, which is why it’s best you hire a professional to take care of your podcast production.

2. Podcast Producers Are Storytellers

Another essential part of broadcast production is to tell a cohesive story. The podcast host may have a conversation with their guest that goes all over the place. This can make it difficult for the listener to follow.

The podcast producer can provide vision and an overall flow to the episode. This producer may design the story before the episode is recorded. This gives the host direction for interviewing their guests.

3. They Provide Research

As part of the storytelling element, the podcast producer needs to do some research. They need to decide which guests are suitable for the show.

Liaising with potential guests and understanding what they will bring to the show is part of the producer’s role. They need to choose guests who will add value to the podcast.

4. Manage The Production Process

The producer oversees the whole creation process of the podcast from start to finish. They also manage other team members to make sure everyone is working within allocated time frames.

From sound engineers to designers, ad producers, and musicians, the producer needs to make sure every production element runs smoothly.

5. Maintaining Quality

If a podcast isn’t high quality, it will be hard to attract new listeners. It’s the producer’s job to ensure consistently high quality.

From the sound quality to the relevance of the content, the producer needs to be on top of every aspect of production.

Three out of four podcast listeners are looking to learn something new. The producer needs to review the content to ensure it is educational and shares a message.

Podcast Producer Skills

When looking for a podcast producer, you need to look for excellent communication and organizational skills. They should be creative, have a vision, and be able to tell a story.

Most importantly, you should look for someone with experience. It’s not a job that’s easy to learn while doing. Hiring someone with extensive experience is the best way to go.

Get Your Podcast Started

If you’ve been thinking of starting a podcast as part of your marketing strategy, there’s no better time to start than now.

Podcast producers are the first hire you should make when starting your podcast. They’ll ensure your podcast has a vision and is high quality.

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