What Does a Health Checkup Include?

Health Checkup

Keeping a track of one’s own health is pivotal and is considered extremely important for those who have underlying or existing health conditions such as High Sugar, High or Low Blood pressure, High Cholesterol, Arthritis, and other such disorders in the body.

A health checkup from time to time is recommended to stay in good condition and to keep a track of existing conditions as well as any new symptoms or signs that may crop in the body.

There are many kinds of health packages in the market that combine various blood tests, medical health check-ups, scans, or other required procedures so that the patient can choose one of these according to their requirements.

These kinds of packages help both the doctors and the patients by cutting down on unnecessary expenditure for each individual test or procedure and the time spent on collecting samples and reports for each kind of test and running back and forth to obtain all the test results.

It also helps the doctor by giving them a preliminary and consolidated report so that they may easily understand the patient’s health condition.

Inclusions in Health Checkup Packages

Health checkup packages are offered by hospitals, private clinics, and many kinds of private labs as well that have a set of packages that may combine many kinds of blood tests and procedures.

These packages help in identifying the various disorders in the body that relate to the blood and urine and other important bodily fluids. Some exams and procedures are more invasive but the preliminary packages are only to do with blood and urine tests.

Most of the tests that are combined together are to identify disorders that usually affect one or more organs and show symptoms and effects of one or more kinds.

For example – a patient with high blood pressure is a possible patient for high blood sugar and therefore deficiency in vitamins or the disorder may have affected the patient’s liver or kidney.

Therefore a preliminary package for high blood pressure may include blood sugar tests, HBA1C tests, Hemogram tests, Lipid Profile, Vitamin Profile, Thyroid Tests, Kidney Function Tests, and Liver Function tests, just to quote an example.

Below are some of the most common inclusions in a health package that is offered by hospitals or clinical labs across India:

  • Blood Sugar Tests

A blood sugar test combines a few blood tests that check the sugar level in the body before consuming food, after consuming food, or at random intervals of times. This helps in identifying if the body is making enough insulin to handle the blood sugar level in the body.

  • Hemogram

A hemogram is the most important and basic blood profile test that counts the Hemoglobin in the blood, the WBC count, the platelet count, the RBC count, the various proportions between the three, etc.

  • KFT – Kidney Function tests

A Kidney Function test combines a few tests that measure the various parameters to check if the kidney functionality is up to mark.

  • LFT – Liver Function tests

The Liver Function tests combine a few parameters that check if the liver function is up to mark.

  • Thyroid Tests

Thyroid tests help in determining the thyroid hormone level – T3, T4, and TSH in the body.

  • Lipid Profile

The lipid profile helps in identifying the cholesterol level in the body by checking the HDL, LDL, and Triglyceride levels in the blood.


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