What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Involve?

What Does Cosmetic Dentistry Involve?
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What words does your mind jump to first when you think about cosmetic dentistry? Do you feel about veneers and teeth whitening or believe that it’s just a fad? Cosmetic dentistry is known as the “new sexy,” thanks to many celebrities who have had their smile fixed. This has led patients to believe that they should also invest in their smiles. The definition of cosmetic dentistry is any dental care that enhances the appearance of one’s teeth, even if it has no functional purpose. If you have any dental problems that affect your look, you may want to talk to a dentist practicing cosmetic dentistry in Greenpoint Brooklyn, NY. They may recommend any of the following treatments depending on your situation.

1. Teeth Whitening

It’s no surprise that teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments. The process uses a hydrogen peroxide solution to break down stains and kill bacteria in the mouth. Teeth can appear yellow because of age, genetics, food, and drink such as coffee and red wine, smoking, and pollution. People generally don’t like having yellow teeth because they feel the color is unappealing. However, once your teeth are whitened, you can flaunt a beautiful smile with confidence. This treatment is also safe and effective since the peroxide breaks down gradually to avoid damaging enamel or dentin.

2. Crowns and Veneers

A cosmetic dental treatment may be the solution if you have a chipped or cracked tooth. Crowns cover a damaged tooth and protect it from future damage. They are designed to look completely natural, so you can camouflage any chips or cracks without compromising structural integrity. Crowns are a great way to restore a tooth’s appearance and function. Another standard cosmetic dentistry treatment is veneers. Veneers are thin shells designed to cover flaws on the surface of teeth, such as discoloration or chips. They’re usually made from ceramic or porcelain and look completely natural because of their size and color. Not only can veneers make your teeth look great, but they also restore natural function.

3. Bonding

Another common way to enhance the look of your teeth is through bonding. This treatment entails using composite resin to fill in gaps, cracks, or chips in the mouth. Since composite resin is made from a mixture of materials, it can be molded into any shape and color necessary for an individual’s smile. Unlike crowns and veneers, bonding is not permanent, but more affordable.

4. Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great way to replace them if you have missing teeth. Unlike bridgework or dentures, which may slip and slide around in the mouth, implants are embedded into the jawbone so they can provide structural support. They look completely natural because of their size and shape and feel comfortable when chewing food. Dental implants come in various sizes and types and can be designed to replace a single tooth or an entire arch.

In summary, the beauty of cosmetic dentistry lies in the wide variety of treatments available. Whether you have a crooked or missing tooth, a yellow or dull smile, you can receive any dental care necessary to achieve the look that makes you feel confident and happy about your teeth. If you have any questions regarding which treatment is right for you, ask a dentist practicing cosmetic dentistry.