What Is Hand Sanitizer? How Does It Help Keep Your Hands Germ Free?

What Is Hand Sanitizer? How Does It Help Keep Your Hands Germ Free?

In today’s world, germs are our biggest enemies. What makes them lethal is the fact that they are undetectable to the naked eye and spread easily. Touching a sick person, a pet, or common surfaces like handles, doors, tables, etc can all cause the spreading of germs. Germs spread through touch and air and can enter our bodies via our nostrils, mouth, and eyes! One of the best ways to avoid germs and keep yourself safe is to carry and regularly use a hand sanitizer.

What is a hand sanitizer?

A hand sanitizer is a liquid that contains a high amount of alcohol and is used to effectively kill germs. It is also known as a hand rub, hand disinfectant, or hand antiseptic. Other than a liquid, a hand sanitizer also comes in a gel and foam form. A hand sanitizer is a great alternative to soap and water when they are not available. It effectively sterilizes your hands and keeps them safe from most germs. A hand sanitizer typically comes in an easy-to-carry plastic bottle and is extremely portable. A general sanitizer price is affordable too.

How does a hand sanitizer work?

In general, a hand sanitizer is effective at killing germs and diseases when its alcohol content is above 65%. Alcohol-based sanitizers usually contain one of the two forms of ethanol in them: isopropanol and n-propanol. Hand sanitizers are effective when they are used in the right way. A coin-sized amount of sanitizer is enough to sanitize a pair of hands once. Sanitizer needs to be carefully rubbed on every part of the hands and needs to air-dry for best germ protection. Wiping the sanitizer at this point will not allow the sanitizer to do its work.

Hand sanitizers are widely used in hospitals, daycares, old-age homes, and schools. It is a good practice to use a hand sanitizer in public places like while traveling in the metro, visiting the mall, or eating at a restaurant.

One of the best sanitizers to use for effective germ protection is the Savlon hand sanitizer. With decades of expertise in antiseptic and germ protection products, Savlon Fresh Hand Sanitizer promises 99.99% protection from germs and 100 diseases. It is carefully packed and can be easily stored in purses, bags, and pockets too.

Other than alcohol-based sanitizers, there are also alcohol-free sanitizers. These sanitizers are similar to detergents and have the same kind of cleaning agents. While this type does a moderate job at cleaning, its effectiveness when it comes to killing germs and viruses is questionable. Alcohol-free sanitizers fail to kill bacterial spores and encysted parasites. Some sanitizers also contain skin conditioners to soften the skin and hydrate it.

However, the World Health Organisation and the Centre for Disease Prevention, USA, both promote the usage of alcohol-based sanitizers for their effectiveness. They advise against making your own sanitizer at home and buying alcohol-based sanitizers to maximize germ-killing.

According to WHO, it is important to sanitize your hands when you throw garbage, use the washroom, visit a public place, meet a sick patient, visit the hospital, touch children, sneeze or blow your nose, etc. Sanitizers with alcohol content can be a bit drying so it is best to use a sanitizer once every hour!