What Is in Beard Oil?

What Is in Beard Oil?

In the United States, 33% of men have beards, and across the world, that number increases to 55%.

If you have a beard, taking care of it becomes very important, which involves hygiene products such as beard oil. Have you ever stopped and wondered for a moment, what is in beard oil?

You have probably seen a beard and wondered to yourself, why does it look so good? Shiny, soft, and full of life, a healthy beard is something to be admired and noticed. One of the only ways you can get your beard to look as good is to use proper beard oil in a proper container.

What Is Beard Oil

If you’re growing your first beard and want to make it look great, you are probably wondering what is beard oil? Well, let’s shed some light on the subject and take a look at not only what beard oil is, but what it is made out of and how it could help you get the beautiful beard you’ve always wanted.

Beard oil is a product that helps to contribute to a beautiful and healthy beard. In addition to the beard, beard oil will also help to nourish the skin underneath. Often, this will leave hair and skin smoother, softer, and stronger than it was before using the oil. Now that we know what beard oil is, let’s take a look at what goes into it.

What Is In Beard Oil

What makes up the substance we call beard oil is not a single thing. In fact, many beard oils have several ingredients that work together in order to promote the health of the beard, its look, and its cleanliness. Most often, this involves the combination of carrier oils and essential oils.

Beard oil contains all of these ingredients to mimic the oils your body naturally produces. It also has specialized oils blended together so that it can help protect the hair and skin underneath. A nourishing, hygienic product that every beard could use.

Carrier Oils

A carrier oil is an essential component of beard oil. Carrier oil is what helps to convey the essential oils into the hair after using it. The carrier oil is often the base oil of the beard oil, to which the other ingredients are mixed, and then when applied it helps spread these ingredients out on your hair and skin.

Carriers oils also help to protect you from the other ingredients, some of which may not be good to use on their own. The carrier oil does this by bonding with that oil and helping transport it to the flesh and hair on your face. This way you get what you need, and nothing more.

Another purpose for having a good carrier oil is the smell. Often the carrier oil used will have a soft, subtle scent like toned down vanilla or sunflower seed, or it can be an additive that is put into the carrier oil.  This helps make the experience of using and wearing beard oil even more enjoyable.

Essential Oils

When it comes down to the question, what is in beard oil, the second most prevalent substances are essential oils. These act as powerful ingredients, softening the hair itself and transporting essential vitamins. Each brand of beard oil has its own recipe and combination of essential oils.

Essential oils are taken from plants, and they have unique chemical compositions. Full of vitamins and other healthy, natural substances, essential oils can be used for a huge variety of purposes. One of those is as an additive to improve the structure and health of beard hair and skin.

With the use of good carrier oil, the essential oils are allowed to do what they are supposed to. This influx of vitamins, minerals, and other healthy and natural substances will allow your beard to flourish without the need for harsh chemicals and artificial detergents.

Other Ingredients

Depending on the brand of beard oil that you use, other ingredients could be present. These ingredients often play a secondary role and act to reinforce qualities about the essential oils, such as scent. Most beard oils do not contain any additional ingredients, so be careful if you find one that does, make sure you read reviews of its performance.

One of the most popular secondary ingredients will be vitamin E, which is often in the form of additional oil. This vitamin helps to improve the growth of hair. Some of the best beard oil you can buy will have this substance, or it may be marketed as a beard growth oil.

Non-Reactive Container

It is important to store your beard oil in a non-reactive container. The essential oils inside the beard oil can interact poorly with various substances. The best material for these containers is glass because the best glass bottles can keep your beard oil safe and effective without other odors or chemicals getting into the oil.

The container you choose should also make it easy to apply the beard oil. This is done with a variety of spouts or lids that control the flow of oil when the container is opened. You don’t need to use a lot of beard oil to get the positive effects that you are looking for, which is why some will even have a dropper.

The Best Beard

In order to have the best beard possible, there is a lot that goes into it. Maintaining the beard, ensuring that your hair is kept healthy and strong, all play their part. Using good, high-quality beard oil is an essential component of any facial hair care routine.

Hopefully, this has answered the questions, what is beard oil and what is in beard oil for you. If you have a great beard oil in mind and need something to dispense it from, then take a look around our website. We offer solutions to a lot of needs, and we would love to help you find the product to help make your life easier.