What Is Spire Doc (and Why Does It Matter?)

What Is Spire Doc (and Why Does It Matter?)

Dealing with Microsoft Word is a blessing … and a curse.

Some may argue about the blessing part, but the truth is most everyone with a computer can read a Word document around the world.

The curse is that it is such a pain to work in! You want to be able to print and use Word documents without having to use Word.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way for developers to read, write, create, convert and print Word document files straight from C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET?

There is a way and it is called Spire Doc. Keep reading to learn more about this great option.

Spire Doc Freedoms

Some people may ask what’s, Spire? Spire software is independent software that you work in to create documents for other programs without having to work in those programs.

Spire Doc offers a platform that is completely independent of the .NET Word class library.

You don’t even need to have Microsoft Office installed on your system to create Word documents. You can send them to people and as long as they have Word, they will be able to read what you create.

Which Word Does It Work With?

You can work in almost all Word formats out there.  Spire Doc works with the following Word programs:

  • Word 97-03
  • Word 2007
  • Word 2010
  • Word 2013
  • Word 2016
  • Word 2019

So you should be able to create documents for almost everyone out there and whatever version of Word they have on their computer

What Can It Do?

Spire Doc can do all the functions that Word can do. You can do all mail merge functions along with all encryption and decryption abilities.

You can create or remove hyperlinks, and even use the find-replace highlight feature.

The program is so robust that you can even insert, reply or remove comments, as well as, create and update tables.

All the options and functionality of Word are available to you and best of all you can test drive the program. You can find free Spire software available to download and try out.

What About Other Spire Options?

Spire gives you the option of working on other programs without having to have those programs on your computer.

Word is only one of the options for you to use. Spire pdf is another option that many coders are using.

So what’s Spire pdf? Spire pdf works in a similar way to Spire doc. It gives you the ability to work on pdf documents within your code and not having to use Adobe Acrobat.

Making Developers Lives Easier

Saving you time and hassle when you are working is something Spire doc options give you.

Whether you work in C#, VB.NET, or ASP.NET, you can focus on staying in your flow without having to work on an outside program.

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