What is the best network marketing company in India?

What is the best network marketing company in India?
What is the best network marketing company in India?

There is no exact answer to this question, this is the truth and what you search through Google, read on the website or watch on YouTube, is all a lie!
If there is no telling or any website giving the reference ‘flourished network marketing company is the best, that person can be specifically more knowledge about network marketing is not or that you stupid to make is trying
Website truth: In today’s time, anyone can write anything by creating their own website. Anyone can earn money by placing ads on their website, or through sponsors. A website with a website tells the director of the company, or the management of the company, that my website receives about 5000–10000 (as many visits as possible) traffic every day.
I am going to write a post “India’s best network marketing company”. If you give me money, then I will write your company name first.
Many times the ‘ associate ‘ of a company makes its own website and writes posts in which it tells its company number-1.

I tell you this thing through a question

If I ask you who is the best cricketer in the world? So what will be your answer? You cannot name a single cricketer, because someone does good batting, someone does bowling, someone does wicket keeping, someone does good captaincy, and someone does good fielding.
In response to this question, you can select some cricketers and say “These players are the best cricketers in the world”. The correct answer to this question can not be any single player.

If I ask which is the best college in India?

There cannot be a single college in the correct answer to this question.
If you want to study, you’ll see what my college is good what college fees, I am able to give.
Whichever college you enroll in is not necessarily how expensive it is? How good is it? It is important that how much study is there? Because when you go for a job, you will not get a job in the name of college, you will get a job on your talent.
Network marketing companies are colleges and their education system is a college education, the better the education system of the company, the quicker you will get success in it.
All education systems of good companies are good but all good education system companies, good company, there is not. Because education matters to everyone.
– Like an education for the thief with the cleaning means of theft is to.

Which direct selling network marketing company should not join?

• Which does not have product and service value for money? For example, the quality of the product or service, which is available in a network marketing company, the product or service of the same quality is being sold in the market at a lower price than that, and then you should not fight with that company.
• If someone is saying that you will continue to have money to do nothing, then you should not associate with that company.
• In the name of crowdfunding these days, companies are using the concept of network marketing. Not to be heard with such a company.
• The company which is not following the guidelines of the Indian government should not contend with it.

What should a network marketing company look for before joining?

Before joining a network marketing company one should check the following:
• Company product: Company product should be excellent. If the product of the company is not good, then that company can be closed soon.
• Company plan: Before joining any company, it should be seen which plans is the company working on? And can I work on that plan?
• Payout of the company: The payout structure of the company should be well understood. What percentage does the company distribute to its associate? Whether or not the company promises to distribute as much as it really is, it should be understood deeply. A lot of company says we distribute 70-80% but this does not really happen.
• Vision of the company: No work is done without vision. Where does the company see itself in the next 10–20 years, what is the company commission, it is very important.

Which plan is the best?

There are mainly four types of plans in network marketing:
1. Binary Plan: In a binary plan a person connects 2 people to the company, one to his right, one about himself. The people working in the generation plan misunderstand the binary plan, it is not at all, and they lie. It is easiest to work in a binary plan. The world’s highest network marketing earners ” Igor Alberts&AndreeaCimbala($ 25,200,000 annually), Kim Hui ($ 10,200,000) works in the binary plan. It has a lot of team growth, teamwork starts early. It is so powerful that many times the wrong companies take the wrong advantage by using it.

2. Generation Plan: In this plan, a person can sponsor 3, 4, 5, 6, or more in his direction. Many people have also been successful by working in the generation plant. The first generation plan came in the world of network marketing. At that time a person could sponsor 10 or more people in his direction. But gradually the number started decreasing.
3. Matrix Plan: In the Matrix Plan, distributors are set up at the beginning of the company and the number of members below them is also kept limited.
4. Hybrid Plan: It is a mixture of binary plan, generation plan, and matrix plan.
You do not need to find the best network marketing company in India because the best company does not exist. You can connect with any company that has a good plan, product, and payout.
I am associated with Health chi global private limited network marketing company, which works on binary plans, whose product is excellent and value for money. The company has been in operation since 2018.
The company’s plan is very good company binary income -plus level income, founder member income, reward giving, re-purchase compulsory is not.