What Is The Internet? Build A Career On The Internet

What Is The Internet? Build A Career On The Internet

What is the Internet? Build a career on the Internet! People who haven’t heard the word “Internet” live on this day may not be found; But “what is the Internet thing about?” If you ask such a question, one group of people will be shocked by the “yes” face and the other party may try to find the answer by hand!

Let us discuss today’s Internet today and at the end of this article, InshaAllah will discuss how you can build your life and career from the Internet.

What is the Internet?

The Internet is a network or network system through which almost all computers on the planet are connected.
Suppose there are two computers in your office and in your home that are connected via a cable. Now you transfer a photo or file to your home computer, it’s easy!

Thinking I might be kidding you; If the Internet was so straight, then where is the cable or cable of the Internet and then the Internet should be free!

Let’s explain it to you more easily.

Underneath the deepest seas of this world, there are optical fibers through which data or information is exchanged; Through that optical fiber, the Internet reaches the tower in your area in three steps [Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3], and the global communication system developed by the frequency transmission of that tower.

Why spend money to use the Internet?

Tier 1 in various countries sits under the sea to finance their own optical fiber or submarine cable such as Bangladesh Tier 1 is Bangladesh Submarine Cable Company Limited; Which brings optical fibers to the coast of the country and from there Tier 2 companies such as Grameenphone of Bangladesh, Banglalink, etc. buy internet as per GB, and Tier 3 is a local ISP or Internet, service provider.
There is no single owner of the Internet, so when you visit http://www.google.com, Google will not charge you money but rather the amount of MB you spend on the Tier1, Tier2 and Tier3 hand-to-hand Wi-Fi costs you the internet bill. Is doing

If you think the Internet is the only wireless network then know that you have the Bluetooth or hotspot-wifi system of 
your Android device on hand, but by establishing communication through the same frequency transmission that 
that there is a small one mini Internet in the mouth of your hand!
How is the computer connected to the Internet?

The structure of all the computers in this world is almost the same as that which has a monitor, a CPU, a keyboard, a ninety rat Eminem mouse; So how do these computers interconnect the Internet of Things?
In fact, each computer is connected through an IP Address (Internet Protocol Address) where each IP address is a unique or unique identity.
If you want to remove the IP address from your computer, first type cmd in Start-> Run-> empty cell.
Now press Enter from the keyboard.
You will see a command area where you can type netstat-n
Press Enter. A list will appear in front of you, notice the local address, which is your IP address first.
Also, if you simply go to Google and search what is my IP address, Google Mama will tell you the IP address of your network

Build your life and career from the internet

The truth is that whenever I talk about life and career, the first thing you will remember is “how to make money from the internet”, but the fact is that most of the outsourcing aspect of Bangladesh is still lagging behind Michimichi rustic.

First of all, let me remind you of three pertinent truths.

(1) There is nothing free in this world

(2) No one on the internet will pay you by looking at your face. But you should make money with your head merit

(3) There is no shortcut to success.

The Internet is a global open platform where you can evaluate yourself in terms of your ability and be transparent by earning independently.
If you want to take freelancing as your profession where you can earn Limitless from home!


Here’s a small example of how many websites build in a minute at http://www.google.com? Then Google Mama will tell you the calculation, on this earth that there are about 5 new websites. Being created on average every minute, then the total number of new websites. Created every day is 1x3x2 = 9, 9, 20. How many web developers are required to create these 5,820 new websites every day; Have you ever thought?

Why not just web development. But also Graphics Design, Logo Design, Photoshop, Illustration, Article Writing, Content Writing, Research Writing. Mobile App Development, Data Entry, Internet Marketing, SEO, Software Development, etc. There are hundreds of freelancing where you value your own category. You can earn independently.

On the other hand, not only freelancing but outsourcing is a much wider range. You can build your own website and earn from AdSense by buying a domain and shared hosting with a little money (not just Google Adsence but you can also get local advertising/sponsorship/affiliate marketing from your web site.