What Is The Role Of Ayurveda In The Treatment Of Amavata?

What Is The Role Of Ayurveda In The Treatment Of Amavata
What Is The Role Of Ayurveda In The Treatment Of Amavata

Rheumatoid Arthritis or Amavata, as called in Ayurveda, is a condition due to immune disorder. Unlike Osteoarthritis, Amavata does not happen due to wear and tear to joints or aging. Amavata can affect any person irrespective of his or her age. However, studies indicate that women are more prone to Amavata than men are. Ayurveda prescribes effective medication for Amavata.

The medical condition Rheumatoid Arthritis or Amavata is caused due to the issues with the body’s immune system, where it attacks tissues at the joints misconstruing it as pathogens or germs. This causes stiffness, numbness, pain, and inflammation to the joints leading to deformation. Ayurveda concentrates on eliminating the problem at the root level and prescribes medicines accordingly.

Ayurveda believes in maintaining and reclaiming the body’s equilibrium. Doshas or toxins entering the body through air and food negatively affect the equilibrium. A healthy lifestyle, including yoga/ physical activities and a healthy diet, is conducive to maintain the equilibrium. The toxins will be expelled from the body through the natural process. However, without physical activities and exercise, the natural elimination of toxins may not happen. If you are looking for ayurvedic treatment for Amavata you can choose Hindusthan Ayurvedic Hospital. It is one of the best Ayurvedic Hospitals in Trivandrum who provide effective treatment for Amavata in Kerala.

What causes Amavata?

Although the exact reason for Amavata has not been concluded, certain conditions for the problem have been concluded. Those are as follows

Age ranges from 35 to 45 – Amavata affects persons between 35 and 45 majorly. However, there have been instances, wherein persons below 35 have also been affected by the disease.


Environmental Reasons – People who work in building construction, silicone, and asbestos factories and environments polluted with those are more prone to Amavata. Environmental conditions play a major role in the disease.  


Hereditary – Amavata is observed to pass hereditarily. There is a high risk for those with a family history of Amavata to be affected by the disease.  

What are the symptoms of Amavata?

Amavata is entirely different from other types of arthritis in several ways. As said in the previous paragraphs, this disease can affect irrespective of age. Further, it can severely affect other organs viz. heart, lungs, kidneys, eyes etcetera and can turn fatal if not treated in time.

At the initial stage, the person will suffer pains in joints of fingers in hands and foot. It may not be severe and the person may not realize it completely. He or she may subsequently find swellings and pain on joints of hands and legs during the morning.  The disease then spreads to every joint in the body and can cause stiffness. As the disease grips the person, he or she will lose appetite, will have increased body temperature, and will feel tired.

It is essential to consult a doctor and commence medication for Amavata at the earliest. Since it affects every part of the body, including critical organs, treatment may turn complicated if delayed. Ayurveda has proven treatment for Amavata. The medicines in Ayurveda are intended to remove the problem from the roots. Therefore, the person is fully relieved of the disease.  

Treatment of Amavata in Ayurveda

Ayurveda follows Charakasamhita for the treatment of Amavata or Rheumatoid Arthritis. Ayurveda believes that the issue is due to toxins or doshas inside the body. And the body’s inability to expel the doshas. The doshas affect the equilibrium of the body. The herbal medicines and treatments in Ayurveda aim at reinstating the equilibrium.

Ayurvedic doctors will examine the patient’s body. Besides talking with the person to understand the ailment, physical conditions, history of the person and person’s family, the body condition will be checked physically. The medication and treatment will be prescribed based on the conclusion regarding the condition.

Each patient will be recommended with specific dietary routine and herbal medicines. It will totally depend on the patient’s body conditions, body nature, and ailment symptoms. Since many of the physical ailments and diseases have a direct link to the lifestyle of individuals, Ayurveda suggests a healthy lifestyle for early recovery from the disease.

The custom-tailored treatment followed in Ayurveda is effective to cure Amavata completely. With the rejuvenated body and reinstated health, a person can continue the normal life as before. As the medicines and oils used in Ayurveda are herbal, those do not cause any side effects. Ayurveda could be considered for Amavata treatment.