What Sexual Health Problems Commonly Affect Men?

What Sexual Health Problems Commonly Affect Men?
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Do you know that your sexual health contributes to your overall quality of life and overall happiness? Talking about your sexual health can seem embarrassing, but you should not because the new England low-t center is a comfortable place to talk about sexual health problems. Conditions affecting your sexual wellness as a man include a reduced desire for sex, erectile dysfunction, and premature and delayed ejaculations. You can find different treatments to treat your sexual health concerns and help you enjoy a satisfying sexual experience. Read the following discussion to find out in-depth details about sexual health problems.

Erectile Dysfunction

Also known as ED, erectile dysfunction makes it difficult to get and maintain an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. You are likely to develop this sexual health problem with an increase in age, with the condition being common among older men from 40 years. Your ED may result from causes including low testosterone levels, injury to your penis, nerve-related disorders, and relationship issues, among other medical conditions. You may need medical intervention if you constantly experience difficulties with your erections to get the necessary treatment. You can also maintain a healthy lifestyle, manage chronic conditions and reduce stress to help prevent erectile dysfunction.

Ejaculatory Disorders

You may be experiencing problems with controlling your ejaculations. Ejaculating too fast during sex is known as premature ejaculation. On the other hand, taking an unusually long time to attain orgasm and ejaculation during sexual intercourse is delayed ejaculation. With delayed ejaculation, you may fail to ejaculate at all. Other ejaculatory disorders include retrograde ejaculation, where you release your ejaculation back to your bladder instead of out of the penis, and painful ejaculation. Such disorders may be distressing for you and your sexual partner and lead to frustration during sexual intercourse. Your doctor can recommend different treatments, including counseling to help with ejaculation problems.

Low Sex Drive

Developing disinterest once in a while about sex is no serious concern. However, persistent low-sex libido may result from an underlying condition like cancer and low testosterone levels. Low testosterone levels may affect your mood and body and interfere with your desire for sex. Low libido may also be associated with stress and depression and may bother you and your partner. Certain conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and medications may cause low libido levels.

What Treatments Can Help With Sexual Health Concerns?

Your doctor will recommend treatments including platelet-rich plasma, also known as REJUVIshot, which involves injecting your penis with a platelet-rich solution. The solution will encourage the production of new blood vessels and healthy tissue to increase circulation for erectile dysfunction. Another treatment is REJUVIwave which releases high-frequency energy to increase blood flow and cause long-lasting and firmer erections, restoring your sexual wellness.

You are supposed to enjoy intimacy and a satisfying sex experience throughout your lifetime as a man. However, you can develop sexual health problems that interfere with your normal sexual functioning, which may negatively impact your sex life. You may have control issues with your ejaculations, an inability to achieve and maintain erections, and a low desire for sex. Most of these conditions may be associated with low testosterone levels, which may decline with age. Therefore, seeking medical intervention can save you and your partner from distress and frustrations in your sexual life.